bunnies are taking over the world. well, if not the world, then our neighborhood at least. and, be it that i’m not yet the cool gardener girl i’d like to be someday, our yard holds nothing for them to destroy. in fact, i’ll be sad when they’re gone ‘cuz they have inspired our latest nightly tradition …the bunny hunt. most of the time, she spots them before us.

in other news, in keeping with my tackle-the-wretched-sinus-infection theme this week, i overcame my fear of nasal sprays and tried Afrin for the first time today only to discover that….i am addicted to Afrin.

oh, and, cubs has a new trick which i have yet to catch on camera (but most certainly will). she crawls to the laundry room, stands up to the dryer, opens the door and digs around until she finds some cool undies…stretches them over her head, one eye peeping out of a leg hole, and crawls back out, undies and all, with a big smile that clearly says, “this is funny, right?” she’s done this three times now…i think funny kids are so cool.

portraits from today…

TWO CUBBIES? too good to be true!

mommy painted her own toes and couldn’t leave a cubby out…
those bunny hunts tucker baby out!

water is still her favorite…
enjoying (Afrin and) the small things… ~k


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  1. TOO cute! We have LOTS of bunnies out here! It keeps the Jakester entertained…..he LOVES chasing them! HE can’t catch them…thank God! :o) Love the top pic of LL, where she has the ENORMOUS smile on her face, and the one where she has her head resting on the stroller….precious!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Some bunny loves Lainey Love…and I can’t wait to tell her again next week…and her brothers too! How wonderful to see the love of little things reflected in her little eyes. And props to you for including Jason Castro’s Somewhere amid your sweet music–he still rocks for me as a superbly unique singer whose sound sets him apart from the mainstream idols…thanks again.

  3. She is as cute as a bunny! I love when she makes her nose sniff sniff like one!! Great pix! She is so precious!!

  4. she is adorable, kelle! she has gorgeous eye lashes! my two sons have long beautiful eye lashes too! i am so jealous! 😉

  5. Anonymous says:

    In case you haven’t heard, you are an amazing photographer. I love the way you capture the sweetest moments. The way you capture the looks on Laineys face is beautiful and priceless! She is so cute. Love the little painted toes!

  6. Love you LL! You are just too adorable! Next time you do your undie trick, make sure mommy has her camera ready ‘cuz we wants to see you bein’ funny, k?

  7. At least YOUR kid does something that is actually cute before she says “Dat funny, wight??”
    Mine…not so much. LOL

    Love the pics!!

  8. The little painted toenails are so sweet!! I remember painting Tori’s fingernails and toenails when she was 1……..she still likes me to paint them and I love doing it!

    Don’t you love having a little girl to do girlie things with?

  9. your little cubby is so beautiful :) reading about the love you have for your daughter has made me seriously reconsider my decision to not have children. i know that probably sounds crazy, but i’ve always wondered what the love between a mother and her child is like. you’ve shown that to me in the most beautiful way. i am truly inspired :) thank you!

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