This man…

Eric, a Hero

is a Hero.

A dear friend of our family, Eric Terhune, was killed in Afghanistan this week, and I’ve thought about it all day…how easy it is to forget that my freedom is given to me by the courage of others …like Eric. My heart breaks for his family, my friends.

To thank his family for his sacrifice, you can sign his guestbook here.

Thank you, Eric.


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  1. You who are blessed to have babies, I remember when this MAN was a baby…I remember his first trick or treating, his play with my son, Christopher….and their little worlds were so pristeen and happy. We covered the electic plugs and locked poisons away…but we could not put a safety lock on war. He loved what he did, and he did it by choice. His heart told him so serve his country and his faith told him heaven would be his home if anything ever happened. It did. Hug your babies…they sleep safer because of Eric and all his colleagues who are still far from home, pursuing peace for us all. Thank you, Kelle, for including this on your blog.

  2. bootiful says:

    Tears are streaming down my face. I read the guestbook and was so moved by the person Eric was. I was okay until I read what your dad wrote here on our blog. I’m so sorry for your loss, but how blessed your family is to have had Eric in your life. Thinking of you all….

  3. So sad I am so sorry! My thoughts and prayers are with hi family and friends. What a cute guy:) God Bless Him.

  4. This is really sad. I’m so sorry for his family and friends. He sems to have a twinkle in his eye in this picture, even though he is in full dress.

    I showed this to Jordan and Katie, so they can put a face to this war and the sacrifices others make for them every day. God Bless Eric, and all the soldiers protecting us right now.

  5. It is amazing that we turn on the TV and almost everyday we hear of another casualty. I always feel so much pain for the families but with it affecting one of my friends, it really does hit home. I am praying for his family and for his loved ones. He is a hero!

  6. We are learning more about this amazing, selfless patriot. In his career as a military leader, he repeatedly volunteered for the high risk assignments to protect his buddies who had spouses and children…saying, “You have a family–I don’t…it would be better for me to do this.” So, hold your families dear and close and know that the Erics of our nation want you to live in freedom and peace. Christopher called after the funeral today and described with great emotion the sight of the final flyover at the national cemetary when these five jets flew overhead in close formation…then suddenly, one broke rank and soared to the heavens…that was our Eric…our friend…our hero. God bless him for what he did for our Lainey, Brandyn, Austyn, Lily Grace, Beckham, Peyton and all our other precious children.

  7. What an inspiration! He looks so vibrant in his picture. I love that he’s smiling in his army picture!! What a man! Love learning more about his beautiful life in reading his guestbook!!

  8. Oh Kelle, I am sorry. Hard to even wrap my mind around…

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