she pointed to the rainy gray sky behind the front door and “uh-uh-uh”-ed, her big eyes sweetly pleading.

“no, we can’t go outside, baby. it’s raining.”

i thought about how much fun it will be to take her out in the rain someday when she’s bigger. we’ll jump in puddles with our rain boots. we’ll twirl umbrellas and dance like fred astaire. we’ll throw caution to the wind and have fun like it’s goin’ out of style.

and then i thought, why wait?

…so we played in the rain. …and she smiled (and pulled at her clothes for me to take them off, of course).

and i remembered that somewhere, up high in my closet, were my old ladybug rainboots. i bought them ten years ago from a little amish store in shipshewana thinking they would be fun to wear to school someday when i got a teaching job.

yup…i still had them. i shook ’em for spiders, slipped ’em on her and snapped what would become one of my favorite pictures ever.

my laineybug…i love you. sorry i let you cry in your crib today. i hated every minute of it, but it will make you strong and confident and help you grow little wings that will let you fly on your own someday. i’ll always fly next to you. …even in the rain. i love you.

…enjoying the small things. ~k


“Sooner or later we all discover that the important moments in life are not the advertised ones, not the birthdays, the graduations, the weddings, not the great goals achieved. The real milestones are less prepossessing. They come to the door of memory unannounced… our lives are measured by these.”
~susan b. anthony

p.s. doncha love her killer grouchy face in the second one? i think it means…”don’t even think about takin’ me back inside after these pictures.” …or maybe it’s more of a “this is for lettin’ me cry in my crib.”


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  1. Adorable photo, great serendipitous rainy day moment. I love the word “abandon!” Yes, I can remember those “let them cry” moments…necessary agony for all, but it will improve…the crying time will abreviate and the volume will lower…proud of both of you.

  2. ohhhh! You’re making me so sad and happy at the same time!

  3. If the important moments are not the advertised ones, then you must be having lots of undocumented fun when that lens isn’t on!

    But the advertised moments sure are nice to look at, especially with lainey bug galoshes and impromptu grouch faces.

    Screw Susan, keep on advertising! =)

  4. You have to be kiddin me! they are AMAZING pictures. Once again you take a normal day and turn it into an adventure full of fun and memoies! You inspire me!

  5. Ha…poor Lainey doesn’t stand a chance…if smackin’ these pics on a blog is “advertising,” then, according to Suzie B, we have a very unimportant life. I like to call it “documentin’ the love”… cuz “advertising” just seems to take all the lovin’ out of it.

  6. (gasping out loud) Are you kidding me with those rain boots? OMG! They’re almost as big as she is! What a precious picture!! you continue to ‘out-do’ yourself with every post.


  7. Oh MY……MARVELOUS!!!! LOVE the rainboots!!! LOVE the pics! LOVE what you write to your daughter in your post(s), LOVE the memories you are making….memories that will last a LIFETIME!!! :o)

  8. love the laineybug boots!

    laughing at her little grumpy face :o)

  9. love the grumpy face! i think it’s a “this is for letting me cry in my crib” face. :)

  10. I dont know why, but this post made me teary. Maybe its because she’s in her mommy’s shoes and there’s nothing cuter than a little girl that wants to be just like her mommy. Maybe it’s because I knew how much it must have hurt you to let her cry in her crib. Maybe its a little bit of both.

    Love and hugs to both of you!

  11. Those boots on her are so cute they are almost bigger then her!!!

    I totally agree with the moments and memories…. the day to day is what is stamped in their minds. A great b-day celebration never hurts either!!!

  12. I think Susan B. Anthony just worked on writing cool quotes so that maybe, someday she would get a coin with her face on it. Talk about a cheap advertising ploy–that is LOW!

  13. Kelle-how moly cute. Laine-um’s looks like a little ladybug. SOOOO CUTE! Let me ask you, had anyone asked you to throw those out yet? You know to save space.

    Jeff says that HALF the stuff i have in the closet, I will never need again, I choose to offer valid arguments that I will again, wear my shorter than short daisy duke shorts with a buch of holes and embroidered flowers on them. Jeff: Why? Because I may need them to play dress-up with Peyton oneday…soon.
    Jeff:Heidi, what size are those?
    Heidi: Uhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhh , they are a size 2!
    Jeff: Heidi…
    Heidi: JEFF, don;t even think about it. These shorts are for Peyton to wear, not me silly!
    Whew, crisis averted. Shorts saved from one more ‘spring cleaning.’

    XOXOXOXO you are amazing with that cam. YOu have so many gifts. Love you.

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