afternoon bath and vivid memories

we’ve been taking our baths early lately…late afternoon as they usually follow an early afternoon sidewalk chalk adventure in the driveway. plus, it’s a perfect time for me to gather a stack of land of nod and pottery barn catalogues to peruse through while i sit on the pink stool and watch her splash and play.

…and tonight, while nuzzling her cool little cheek in my bed while she fell asleep beside me, i had some vivid memories of her newborn days and the way we bonded in the hospital. and i realized, i’ve never really written down those memories, and i’m so afraid they are going to fade away. so tonight, i am the writer…i will sit and write as long as my mind can recall every detail so that someday, when she is bigger and wiser, i can tell her about the way we bonded. in the night when it was dark and quiet and i watched her under the blue lights and counted down the minutes ’till i could scoop her up for her half hour feeding and hold her close…i want her to know all about it.

shortly after lainey was born, I bought this inspiring book. i recommend it to any mother. leave them the stories of how much they are loved!


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  1. I’ve been meaning to do this for her birth story, but it’s hard to conjure up the words of it all from 4/4! You’ve inspired me to try.

  2. i’ve realized while doing his SB pages that i have forgotten alot of stuff already. maybe i should get the book to help me remember.

  3. Ahh,
    Love the bathtime, it’s one of my favorite times of day. I’ve been writing AJ letters in his baby book. It’s such a great idea for our children to know what our thoughts were as they are growing up. I miss Lainey and You, she is so beautiful.xoxoxo

  4. she is DELICIOUS!

  5. love baby baths and smelling baby clean baby skin…and dirty baby skin…

    okay any baby skin :-)

    I used to give Kara an infant massage to calm her down after bath time (with pink J&J lotion) and she loved it! Naked on a big plush bathtowel on the bathroom floor…

  6. That bottom pic. oy. That is one of my favorites. She is so pretty! And inquisitive. Mysterious. She has it all.

  7. About the “writing stories to them.” In my role in the hospital I once had a young mother with a three-year-old son she would soon be saying godbye to because she was losing her battle with leukemia. She would hold a voice-activated tape recorder and just tell him stories…of his birth, of her love for him…of her hopes for him…of her apologies for not being with him for all those moments she dreamed of…needless to say, all who heard her weakened voice continuing this, her last task, were a mess. What a gift…what a legacy. So, if one weakened by disease could do it–surely healthy, vibrant mothers can find some moments and write some mesages. (Ah, guilt, the golden sceptre of every minister…) But it is true!

  8. really…the green eyes. oh my.

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