and just a wee bit more…

okay…here’s the last of this pretty mama.

she makes me wanna have a baby belly again!

chase was very happy to take a listen to sweet baby brinkley’s heart…

…and didn’t want to give up the stethoscope later… but a little painting distracted him.

what a beautiful masterpiece! …and in 7 more weeks, dawson & allison will see just what God painted on their little canvas…the baby brinkley masterpiece!


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  1. I couldn’t get to these new pictures fast enough! They are incredible! Thank you for treating Allison like a sister this weekend! I think she’s calling her realtor tomorrow!! (I wish!)


  2. SUPER cute idea with the painting on the belly!

  3. Allison certainly makes the miracle of birth an exquisite masterpiece. Seeing her–even without knowing her–would give anyone the thrill of anticipation.
    And what a wonderful big brother is awaiting this baby-on-the-way.

  4. Kelle you have such an incredible talent. These pictures I will cherish for a lifetime! Thank you so much for capturing this special moment in our lives. You are one special person! Love, Ali

  5. Incredible…and I knew they would be…but you always surprise us, no matter how high the expectations!!

    You ROCK, girl.

    Allison…you look STUNNING!!

  6. Those pictures make me want to be pregnant again!!! (And I don’t even want another baby. ha!) Love them. She is beautiful. You captured the essence of it all so perfectly!

  7. Ohhh, she’s so beautiful.

    Once in Florida I saw a momma-to-be in this awesome bikini. NOT a maternity suit. She dug a hole in the sand for her tummy and then laid right down to get sun on her back. It was awesome!

  8. Those pictures are so cute with her little boy!

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