enjoying the small things…even when it’s hard

the economy stresses me out, and things are just, well, funky lately…but i think that’s when it’s most important to enjoy the small things. this too shall pass, and i don’t even really know what “this” is, but certainly…it’s not enough to get me down.

with no further ado…

5. i’m so thankful for health lately…after once being in a hospital for 10 days with a “sick” baby, i know what it feels like–that awful pit-in-your-stomach vulnerability–and i’m so blessed that we are all healthy…no limitations.

see…my liver is just fine!

4. so loving lately how she feeds herself with silverware, the proud see-i-can-do-this look on her face, and the way there was never any in-between phase. we just gave her a fork one day, and she knew exacly what to do…no muss! no fuss! (just press-on!)

Photobucket Photobucket

3. the smell of christmas…found an old mistletoe yankee tart and burned it today, and that christmas-in-july scent was just…comforting.

2. the super yumsville stir-fry i made last night with grilled steak, water chestnuts, sugar snap peas, broccoli, fresh bean sprouts, chili peppers, green, red and yellow peppers, sweet onion, chili oil, and sesame terriaki sauce. to. die. for.

1. my blog friends–those of you i know and am so thankful we have this window into each others’ lives when miles separate us (okay, some of us are five miles apart)–and those of you i’ve come to know through blogland. thank you for your comments and kind words.

…and here’s your sunday fill of cubby…





…and thank you to all of your suggestions! i added this one thanks to so many of you that voted for blueberries! thanks!

…enjoying the small things. ~k


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  1. Oh how I loved my fill of Cubby today Kelle! And the new card is perfecto! Love it!

  2. I love the blueberry one. Beautiful.

    And good for you for “behaving your way” out of a funk, by focusing on the GOOD.

    You inspired me today! :)

    Love you!

  3. i LOVE that new blueberry card…
    the picture of the chair and blueberry stealing hand…it makes me think of my cora so much! (except that i’ve never given her blueberries in a white bowl that i don’t have on a chair outside). but maybe i should.

    also…i have to add a new favorite pic…those little black shoes and rolled up jeans. too cute.

    nice to know you too (kinda) from all the way across bloggy-land. your pictures are inspirational. thanks for that.

  4. Perhaps the gift wrapped in a troubled economy is to remind us all of the rich economy of family and friendships and the strong currency of moments and memories and the rush of the heart when you see beauty in the little things. We are rich…without bounds.

  5. Love. Her. DIMPLES!!!!!

    jeans and ballet flats – so chic!

    Being thankful is so stress relieving.

  6. Love




  7. Yep, the blueberry card is my favorite. It is a funky state lately and hard to get out of, but our little ones and friends bring life and a vast amount of sunshine into our lives daily. I miss you and LL.xoxoxo

  8. I love what Jen said about “behaving our way” out of the funk! SO true! Sometimes I “fake it til I make it” and all of a sudden I forget about the funk!

    Your dad’s comment is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and oh so true!

    Love the blueberries and the ballet shoes with the rolled up jeans!! Shit, you’re talented girl!

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