there are a few things in this world which truly astound me…one of them being the beauty of pregnancy.

tonight, i had the privilege of photographing the beautiful belly of this gorgeous mama-to-be and soon-to-be big brother, chase. allison, i could have “shot” you all night! radiant mama beauty, girl!

many more to come…

love this photo! when the timer pops, chase…you’ll be a big brother!

p.s. i’ve found the male version of lainey. he walks the earth…and his name is chase.


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  1. You have captured the beauty of her pregnancy so well Kelle. She’s gorgeous! Love the two with Chase looking up on her belly. So so cute.

  2. Beautiful. I think it is cool this generation sees the beauty in the about-to-bring-life body. It is really an amazing thing. She is beautiful and Chase is already connecting with his pending sibling. Love the setting…like something you’d find in Provence.

  3. Oh my model!! These are breathtaking!!! These are out of this world! These made me gasp, aww, and smile out loud! You captured her little and littlest at their greatest!!




  4. ran home really quick to check out your pics…the one of allison laying on the bricks is


    (and so is THIS SONG)

  5. what is in the water in naples?! all the pregnant women’s belly’s are so gorgeous! not a stretch mark in sight! great pics!

    wow chase does look like lainey.

  6. Stunning! I’m constantly amazed at your talent.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much Kelle, you’ve captured my wife and son’s love and beauty like I’ve only failed before to put into words. Well now I only need to show the pictures.



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