I’ll take ‘Video’ for $100, Alex

oh, i love this video. i got this puppet for her when she was just about a month old…gigi, we named her. it used to make her pouty lip come out and cry so hard. so, we put her away for a long time (the puppet that is…not our child). but now…she loves her! oh, and for the record…i am aware that i left out the vacuum hose I happen to be sitting on, the basket of dog leashes lainey dumped out behind me, the red ladybug baby tunnel behind the table, and a basket of laundry to boot on top of the table…i’m aware, and i’m dealing with it).


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  1. The belly laugh! There is nothing better!! Even I was using my belly to laugh on this one! Love the drool effect too! Too cute!

  2. Gigi, a stage diva who should be singing “There’s no business like show business like no business I know…” was clearly embarassed by this demeaning role in a B grade performance. I was shocked…but it all went away when I heard the Farfull laugh…she is so precious to me.

  3. love her laugh! too funny

  4. Ok, I am laughing harder just listening to that belly laugh. Who cares about the vacuum hose, leashes, and whatever….I’ve FINALLY come to realize it doesn’t matter what your house looks like as long as your child and husband are loved, and you’ve had an amazing day playing with your little one. THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS!!!!

  5. i love it when babies, ahem! exucse me, TODDLERS crack up. She is magical!

    As for “stuff your dealing with”, who cares when you can make baby girl laugh that much. It’s way more important. Besides anyone who would judge your “stuff” probably doesnt have kids and if they do have kids they are just jealous of your mad puppeteering skills. :-)

  6. Hahaha, this is so funny, that is totally a VBS puppet! Lainey’s laughing is so cute :) Oh and you have an excellent puppet voice by the way!

  7. There isn’t much better than listening (and watching) a little person laugh so deep it hurts! LOVE IT!!!

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