a lainey morning

to my cubby:

every morning, at 7:30, on the monitor beside my bed, i hear you shake the side of your crib. you don’t cry. you don’t talk…you just shake, shake, shake the side railing. and so it is…i come to find you standing in the sunlight, blankie in one hand, pacifier in mouth. there is no dramatic welcome when i come to scoop you in my arms…just a twinkle in your eye and upward arms. it is then that i hug you, give you a big happy ‘good morning, sunshine!’ and take you out to the couch where we lie, snuggle, and slowly wake up…together.

…and this is the way it goes:

i love your sleepy eyes that blink-blink-blink first thing in the morning sunlight that streams in from the front door and lands in a puddle on the couch cushions…the way you quietly suck your pacifier, giving it a rhythm like a bobber being tugged on the water’s surface by a teasing little fish…your first yawn that makes you look like a lion cub.


…your not-quite-ready-for-my-day cuddle and the way you lay your head on my tummy and rub the satiny part of my nightgown between your fingers until…slowly, you lift your heavy head and welcome your surroundings. good morning, sophie. good morning, latte. good morning, world. and then…your first smile of the day.




oh, and guess what you do now that just melts daddy’s heart? you give him kisses…whenever he asks for one! (…and you only give them to me when you feel like it, you little stink!)


…enjoying the cuddly things. ~k


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  1. good morning. yay.

  2. Your chronicle of a morning reminded every parent of the sacred vestibule of the day we share with our children. For some of us, it is past tense…for the rest of you–savor it…they are slipping through your fingers.

  3. WOW! You’re posting so many incredible posts at once that I can’t keep up with the comments! First, your pictures of Skye are out of this world. The tag on the ribbon takes the cake (and smashes it everywhere) and the cuddly morning makes me want to have a slumber party at your house with Lily! David too. LOL! Imagine David and I sleeping in the bunk beds? LOL again.

    Love you and the small things you help me discover too!

  4. such yummy sweetness!

  5. Oh…I love the mornings with my kids. When they were babies, I remember going in to greet them in their crib, scooping their jammie-wrapped little bodies into my arms… and they would lay their head on my shoulder like we hadn’t seen each other in weeks.

    To this day, they still like to wake up slowly, and are oh-so-cuddly in the morning.

    I love the pictures, the words, everything…of this post.

    Love you.

  6. Feeling like I am right there with you Kelle. Your words are wonderful!

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