self portrait challenge: [skills]

i have crazy haircutting skills.

after much deliberation, i conquered my fears of possible hair debauchery (not really)…and choppy-chopped away.

kissing my long bangs bye-bye…

yup…that’s a one-handed cut…try balancing a twenty pound camera in the other.

wowsa…ya know how long it took me to grow that? …like a year and a half and three bottles of prenatal vitamins.

watch out john freida…there’s a new cutter in town.


for more people who have time to take pictures of themselves, click here.


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  1. These were SO FUN to look at! Each step…snip..snip! Love the facial expressions Kelle. LOVE the end result. You are a doll!

  2. LOVE THEM!! You look like you’re just getting out of high school in the last one! You are SO photogenic it’s sick. A good sick. Did I spell “photogenic” right because it looks funny and I don’t think I’ve ever typed it before?
    I digress.

  3. I am waiting for the first time little Lainey does a bang-up job on her bangs, giving that “Playing for Time” scalped look…they all do it and I just can’t wait…hide the scissors…did she see you? Why do they call them “bangs?” I digress too. It’s Friday…and Friday mornings are like martinis…naturally. And I also think photogenic looks weird, but think it is correct…wth is my spellcheck! I digress more.

  4. You’re HOT! You could be bald and be gorgeous! The color is different too, I haven’t seen you in sooooo long. I miss you and Lainey.

  5. wonderful spc series! the camera is your friend. cute bangs too.

  6. love the new bangs! good job on the hair cut. remember when your mom would cut josh’s hair? we’d all go outside of the montrose house and try to keep josh still and happy? we’d all act like idiots and make crazy silly baby noises at him? lol

  7. love the bangs AND the darker hair color! We are approaching a milestone age…no way you look even remotely close to it. Fabulous chica!

  8. Kelle you are so brave to cut your own hair while taking pictures of it! I love the new haircut, it’s great!

  9. love these! why didn’t you wait until teresa could cut it?


  10. love this series! AND it takes mad skillz to hold a camera while cutting your own hair. props to you!

  11. this is great! almost makes me want to chop my own bangs 😉 You look great, by the way!

  12. Love the new bangs! You’re adorable!

  13. Love the color and Love the bangs!!! Super cute and you look super young…..Oh and beautiful!

  14. GOSH! How cute are you!! I love it! :) Wanna come do mine now? hehe

  15. Kelle, you made the SPC site…I just checked and Joy picked yours…proud of you again…and again…and again. Love you, your dad.

  16. Love it Kelle! You’re way too talented… photograpy, hair… what next? :)

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