business is picking up majorly, so i’m working on a design for cards to pass out as i’ve had several people ask for cards. my business cards are outdated…and too small, in my opinion to feature photography, so i’m having 4×6 cards made. will post more designs later…i think i’ll end up doing 4 different designs with 4 different photos. hard to pick my favorite photo…any favorites from past posts? suggestions welcome!



here’s another:


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  1. So happy for you that business is taking off!! It’s about time the world discover your gift for photography!!

    I love Lily Grace’s announcement, with her lying in the suitcase (yes I’m biased but that was really incredible, come ON)
    I also love Lainey and the blueberries…… her little red Keds shoot….the shoot where she is sitting in the black and white chair outside….. and the one where she is standing on the bridge (about to jump off, LOL)

    I can’t wait to give your cards to everyone…I need a huge stack, please… :)
    xoxo jc

  2. Those are both great! You are serioulsy so talented and I am so happy that everyone is going to see how amazing you are! I also need a big stack of cards. We are all going to be your PR people!

  3. Are you kidding me with these cards? I’d like a stack of 5,000 please! I’m going to stand in a bunny suit on Livingston road passing them out!!




    I know I’m going to be at Calistoga one day and there’ll be swarms of people around us trying to get to you as we fend them all off. The rest will be whispering in the corner about “there’s THEE Kelle Hampton”. I’ve pictured this for years!!

  4. Oh I love your cards! Good idea about making them bigger than the typical business card. I like that you put “capturing your littles…just as they are” – it perfectly describes your photography!

  5. Anonymous says:

    just a little help photography is spelled wrong on the first. Would not want you to print and waste all that ink =) good luck

  6. thank you, secret anonymous person! will fix before goes to print. grandma…is that you? do they have spellcheck in heaven?



    look out, michelle reed, here comes kelle hampton!

  8. love the cards! they will totally stand out!

  9. those look terrific…you picked some beautiful pictures. i loved the sisters pictures that you did with the colors. (and i agree with someone else about the blueberry pictures…loved those ones)
    but my two cents? (and i know i’m completely unqualified to answer these kinds of questions)
    the first set of 6…the bottom 4 kiddos are looking up and to the left…visually it kind of distracts me. like i said…not qualified to answer photography questions.

  10. These are GORGEOUS! That picture of Lily is one of my favorites you’ve taken of her!! I’m torn between that one and a few more to blow up for her nursery. I like how you did a square of each of the kid’s little faces close up at such different ages.

    LL’s lashes….they speak for themselves!

    OMG and the socks! Who would’ve ever thought to make it all bw and then color their socks and “headgear”.

    You’ll probably have 125 different versions of your business cards when you’re done and I want them all.

    For my fridge! lol.

    Who knew Grandma was reading your blog and has spell check in heaven! That’s awesome to know!

  11. How am I suppose to pick from those three? They are all awesome and show the variety of things you can do on each of them. I will need a huge stack as well. I am amazed at how much you’ve learned and the little tricks in such a short amount of time. You are definitely Naples top photographer.

  12. Lainey and the blueberries are my fave KH collection. Hope you all are doing well and good luck with the business!


  13. Oh my goodness – but why would you have to choose? You shouldn’t have to choose. I think it would be tres cool if you gave out different ones to different people. You could have little easels with the cards on shelves for people to choose from themselves – it shows your creativity and versatility, and when people get to choose a business card, they also subliminally understand that you’re going to give them tons of choices when it comes to their own shoot. You know?

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