i’ve been having trouble with my favorite lense lately, but it “behaved” today under the spell of this precious little…adriana grace.

her mommy and daddy were obviously under that same spell, and it’s no wonder…she’s pretty sweet…

after a little while, adriana made it quite known she wasn’t too fond of this lady with the big camera in her face…but found her solace in a perfect place…her mommy’s arms…

sweet, sweet baby.


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  1. WONDERFUL!!! I love them. what a beautiful baby…you captured the family so well!!!

  2. She is precious…and what a gift you have at finding “it” in each little person! Do we, as females, ever lose that desire to have a baby…just one more?? Seriously…will that feeling ever be “fulfilled?” I’m thinking not!!!

  3. What a sweet family. She is adorable and the pictures are amazing! I can’t wait to have a baby just so I can have amazing baby pictures!!

  4. BEAUTIFUL BABY! Great pictures I love the last one! A mother’s love… says it all! You talent is unreal!

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