…and then there are those moments

…where you just drop everything and say, ‘let’s go to the park. right now.’

so we did.

and we packed a little bag of honey butter crackers and cheese slices and mandarin oranges, and we ate them at the picnic tables.
we went for a swing and her happiness could not be hidden. it radiated through her toothy grin, her squinty eyes, her wrinkled nose.

we realized the park-when-you’re-walking is a whole new adventure, much different from the old park-when-you’re crawling. now, we can attempt the rope steps, the baby slide, the wood plank stairs that lead to the bridge. we can trample over the dry, sun-bleached woodchips with pride. we’ve conquered the park. …in the toddler way.

and the water park…where we used to ‘boot-scoot’ along the wet pavement, we are now walking. no, better than that…trotting. yes, she trots. trots her way through the maze of water spouts, bravely pressing her face into the ribbons of refreshing water that ripple up to kiss her warm cheeks.

…and i smile as i watch her. i know she feels big. like she’s graduated. …as she looks over at the babies in swings whose moms have to scoop them up and take them from place to place. like she remembers she was once there but is no longer. she knows she’s big. my big toddler girl.

how i loved my park date with you today. your happiness is my greatest joy. and seeing you grow only makes me look forward to tomorrow.

…and yes, you are big. and i’m so proud of you. my big, big toddler girl.

…enjoying the growing things.


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  1. Oh, the last photo…she just leans out of my screen for a big kiss. I can’t wait to see her. What a serendipitous day…sometimes you just have to go now to fun. Glad you did.

  2. what a perfect day! i love you, toddler-girl!

    seriously – thank god for blogs!

  3. Another amazing post! I live for your pictures! I never get tired of looking at them as one is better than the next and Lainey is breathtaking!

  4. She is getting even more pretty as she gets bigger!!! just wondering.. Can she talk yet???


  5. I love those moments too! LOVE her cool shades!

  6. oh Kelle she looks like you! those eyes! omg so pretty! love the two of you sooo much!!

  7. What a wonderful day of fun :) I love it! I love to look back at your posts and see that you have always been this amazing mother that was madly in love with her baby! It just makes me happy. There is so much sadness in the world and you make me remember that there is lots of good too!

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