baby and dog’s love/hate relationship, continued

lainey insisted the dogs sit with her in her chair today. …and then insisted they sit together in the chair at the same time. any time one of them tried to dodge, she cried. they obliged to keep her happy, but it was quite obvious, they were anything but thrilled.

yup, we’re just….



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  1. Poor Sophie and Poor Latte. It has just begun. Wait until she figures out she can dress them up. There’s gunna be trouble.

  2. I can see it now….Next WWF championship. Lainey vs. Latte

    That is so cute how she plays with them and they are like OMG….I did not sign up for this.

    And I am going to steal her leggings, so cute! Miss you both!

  3. dude. you’re a baby. I know you feel the need to have power over someone in this house, but I was here before you. you’re a BABY. you can’t make me walk.

    hahahahahaha…poor, poor latte.

    the one down below of her in her high chair drinking the bottle is

    THE BOMB. yes, I realize I overuse that statement, but it really is. those fuzzy hair, real life shots are the ones you will look back and cherish.

  4. ha! love the one of the 2 dogs. LL looks so pleased with herself. :)

  5. The speech bubbles are hilarious!

    This girl demands power and respect! I like it!

    Confidence is beautiful; just like the sign reads in her room!

  6. Oh your poor doggies! They are such good sports though :) I would sit in her chair if Lainey wanted me to. Her cuteness is very persuasive!

  7. LOVE the doggy talk…funny.
    the last pic with the sign…beautiful!!!! one of my all time lainey pictures!!!

  8. love the last pic! so so cute! she’s growing up too fast and i feel like i’m missing it :( must fix that soon! love you lots Kelle!!

  9. i love your blog and wanted to see some pics of baby lainey, gosh she’s beautiful. but these photos of the dogs made me laugh so loud, the thought bubbles. you really do cheer my day.

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