…because she’s better than a million dollars.

…if i had a nickel…

…for every time…

…i looked at her…

…and thought to myself, ‘im the most blessed person on the face of the earth’…

…well, i’d be rich…

…enjoying the lainey things. ~k


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  1. love the mirror’d pics and the one with food all in her hair. she’s adorable!

  2. oh kelle-that was so sweet. my stomache hurt at the words and then pics. she is so sweet. i love the mirror pics. you really are blessed as is LL to have you!!

  3. A million dollars? I said all those sweet things too after I had tried unsuccessfully to sell you on the internet for a hot million, but now, I guess I’m glad I kept you. Just kidding, of course. I would rather be poor with my children than rich without them–but hey, rich with them would be the very coolest! I love you and I think there should be a talking post where Lainey says Poppa like I heard her last night!!!!!

  4. shucks. You and Lainey are becoming my before bed ritual…right back at cha with the thoughtful comments and smiles spreading across my face when I see you’ve left me one.

  5. oh i LOVE the mirror pics! my eyes tear up every time i look at your blog, makes me want a little girl. not for a long long time from now ofcourse!!

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