…because rainy days are never boring

if these were pictorial clues for $100,000 Pyramid…

…could you guess the category?
my name is kelle and i am addicted to things that have stripes. (and more specifically, things that have stripes and fit my cubby’s cute legs).

random topic #1: the bottle.

for the record, we have no intention of taking her off it yet as last i knew, the fate of the world did not depend on it. and i actually personally enjoy when random strangers offer comments seasoned with judgment such as ‘oh, she’s still on a bottle?’ because it gives me the opportunity to give them my best you’re-not-her-mother-but-i-am-so-stay-out-of-it smile.
it’s really good…i’ve practiced it.

random topic #2: the blanket.

in case you were contemplating buying a puppy blanket, lainey here would like to give you some selling points on its multiple uses.

conceals bad hair days…

doubles as a pashmina for chilly nights…

makes great superhero cape…

fills in for a horse for when you wanna go riding…

makes fabulous skirt for red carpet events…

not to mention, it just makes you look plain cute.

…and you thought it was just a blanket.

…enjoying the ‘it’s-a-rainy-blah-day-so-let’s-take-pictures-of-cubby’ things. ~k


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  1. If we were all more honest, more adults would carry puppy blankets and cancel our valium prescriptions. As for the bottle, we have just changed the contents.
    She teaches me still, and makes it a joy to learn of life’s simple lessons. Enjoy her goodikens.

  2. Again, what can I say except: ADORABLE! Love the stockings. Where can I find some like that? Do you think people would think I was weird if I wore a teddy bear on my butt?? Nah.

  3. Ha. Love the story about her bottle. And I know the “I’m her mother face” It’s the best ever. Good for you. No rush.

  4. All tights should either have ruffles or animal faces on the butt. So cute! As for stripes, I cannot get enough either. I think some of Jonah’s favorite outfits are all stripes (horizontal not vertical).
    Love today’s rainy day photo session!

  5. love the preppy socks. and the pic of her in the hallway with one leg up.

    i miss her.

  6. haha poppa about the bottle comment.

    This is one of my favorite posts ever. You stay resolute sister. Sing it. You know what’s best.

    I was totally excited to play the $100,000 pyramid. Except I was immediately thinking of the wizard of oz and the witch’s feet under the house…not that Lainey is at all wicked but I think you know what I mean with the stripedy socks and only the feet in the frame.

  7. Also, really kiddos must wear horizontal stripes because lord knows no grown woman with breasts and hips can pull it off.

  8. laughing…awww. she’s my little good witch. like glenda, except with stripedy socks. i actually have these knee-high orange and black stripe halloween socks i used to wear when i taught cuz the kids liked ’em even if they did make my calves look like coffee cans.

  9. Love the bottle comment; especially “fate of the world did not depend on it”. Now I want LL to pack her bottle in her lunchbox to Kindergarten!!

  10. I love the bear-booty tights, haha, so cute! And I never knew one could do so much with a blankie – I’ll have to get a new one!

  11. i will always think of your lil’ one whenever i see stripedy stockings from now on.
    they are a definite fashion statement.
    i’m still b-feeding my lil’ cora. at this point…i don’t even say anything to anyone. too many people think that what they did is right and that you should do the same. maybe what we do…is right for us and our girls?? THAT is what should matter.

  12. Love the pictures! I love you comment about the bottles! You go and so true!

  13. i must admit.

    the girls both sleep with their two gymboree blankets.

    tattered, with holes, but softer than ever.

    they should be. they are 7 years old and 9 years old. those are some well loved blankies.

    how can i make them give them up!?

    maybe when they get married…..sigh….

  14. I’m not a big fan of toppers (unless it’s the bantering-jokey-adding to the joke topper), but I have Heather B beat by a long shot! I was still sleeping with my baby blanket when I met my husband! I finally had to put it in the closet because it was such a tattered mess! I bought a replacement and everyone just thinks it’s decoration as it’s nicely strewn across the bed, but I can’t sleep without it. Travel with it and everything!!

    My next confession is when I gave up my bottle. Not pretty.

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