autumn part deux (of many)

let’s just say it’s a used-to-live-in-the-north-but-moved-south thing…this prematurely-obsessed-with-fall craziness. ‘cuz i talked to my friend who lives across the street (from indiana) and she too is seeing a therapist for obsessively wanting to make pumpkin bread and burn ‘autumn wreath’ tarts. well, not really, but she did agree that we northerners-turned-southerners know how to appreciate autumn’s lavish blessings and it’s a good thing we go all out for these floridians who wouldn’t know a good fall if it hit ’em in the face. no offense, crackers.

so, upon seeing the early arrival of carmel apples at our local publix, i couldn’t help myself.
…and cubs ate the entire thing minus the remains of seeds and apple carcass i had to pry from her deathly grip (followed by a chorus of wails and tears).

is there anything more fallish than sticky carmel fingers and nutty baby breath? i think not.

and, i figure, at the florida rate, late september is like…well, early december. so, really, i should be christmas shopping. (and don’t even get me started on the christmas excitement button i’ve had to turn off in my brain lest i get psychotic-ally ahead of myself).

oh, holidays are divine…simply divine, and i’ll be darned if my kids (that’s one plus the many imaginary ones in my mind i want to have) don’t grow up with memories of those calendar treasures being glorified to what they ought to be… enjoyed to the very last drop.

go bake a pie. go smell an apple. relish the changing of seasons. …even if you do live in florida.

…enjoying the same-thing-as-yesterday things.


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  1. amen sister.
    love the apple.

    btw: i started christmas shopping two weeks ago…ha ha:)
    i’m stuck between wanting it to feel like fall, and wantting to put up my tree and play xmas music 12 hours a day!!!!

    must be a northern thing…don’t know:)

  2. Only us northerners can totally appreciate autumn. Reading your blog makes me feel like I’m back home watching the leaves turn colors and pulling out the cute fall clothes that I miss ever so much. I cannot wait for the days we can take Alan to a true cider mill. Miss you and Lainey bunches. xoxo

  3. I think I see a bead of sweat in that last picture of Lainey!!

  4. seriously how hot was it outside when you took the pic of LL in a sweater?! even up in MI its supposed to be almost 80!

    i love you kelle! 😉

    you have inspired me to embrace fall.

  5. too cute I love carmel apples! And I love fall too! It just isn’t the same down here as it is up north. This is the time of the year I miss the most! But who says you can’t pretend it is fall here! Candy corn and apples! Yummy!

  6. First of all, that is an awesome “nook” in the trees in the last picture! Lainey looks like a little wood-sprite :) Second, I gotta get me some carmel apples!!!!

  7. Made applesauce with my Kindergarten class, used apples from our tree in the backyard. Loving the northern fall! I love that you are making your own fall in Florida!!

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