autumn, part tweux. (that’s three)

although it’s entirely been one of these days…:

(yes, she dumped an entire canister of quaker oats onto the kitchen floor)…

…candy corn kinda makes it all better.

october’s a week away…there are preparations to be made!

…enjoying the there’s-always-something-good-about-your-day things. ~k


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  1. What is that awesome shirt that Lainey’s wearing?!? Does it say Laineycorn? That is so cool! :)

  2. just stopped by for a peek….

    your talent amazes me!

  3. Love the shirt. Love the girl. Love the girl enjoying the mess. Sweet shots! Someday when you are old, you will look at a spotless floor and wish for the spill of the child who has gone away.

  4. Crying at your dads comment. Thanks a lot Uncle Rik.

    So true though! I wish ALL mine were babies again.

    Love her shirt!

  5. I love the leggings :-)

    And I need a carmel apple right NOW.

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