enjoying the small things

i don’t have anything miraculous to say today other than…

i’ve been feeling discontent. and anxious. and so run down by all this economy talk. disheartened with the housing market and gas prices and knowing that things are just bad. disappointed with circumstances.

and then, my guilt moves me to tears.

i think that discontentment is ugly. certainly a little discontentment is good because it nudges us to do something about it. but it rides a fine line near being ungrateful. and, well…i am just so grateful for everything we have.

so, when these days come, i find so much comfort in the little things….

with no further ado…

enjoying today…

1) my crock pot which happens to be the place where magical things are happening these days. magical, in that dinner has been made every night and it’s done by noon. and i still can’t help but love hearing “babe, that was delicious” after dinner.

today’s magic: stuffed green pepper soup (courtesy of my sis, where all my kitchen magic comes from)
2 lbs. cooked beef
3 green peppers chopped
1 can tomato sauce
2 cans diced tomatoes
2pck. onion soup mix
3 tbsp. apple cider vinegar
garlic, salt, pepper
at least 2 cups water
1/2 cup basmati rice, cooked.

throw it in the pot and simmer all day.

2) the light from my flickering friends which sit upon a bed of leaves on my kitchen counter.

they watch me cook and make me happy.

3) the arrival of lainey’s ebay halloween costume today. still working on bits of it, but i dressed her in what i have so far and…well, i couldn’t get rid of my smile. hmmm…should i give it away? alright, a hint:

let’s just say the yellow brick road hasn’t seen this kind of cute since…well, ever. sorry, judy.

4) watching cubsy wash the car with daddy. she had this impish little grin the whole time, but every time she caught me watching her, she tried (unsuccessfully) to quit smiling…like she was too cool to smile. she knew she was doin’ something special. oh, i love her.

5) being able to be a stay-at-home mom. the most precious gift i could ever have and something i hold so dear to my heart. …and being able to do the same for lily. i feel honored and important and lucky and so responsible to be what these girls need every day…and more.

6) our little moments together…today, it was real hot-cocoa in tiny cups with heaps of marshmallows. her smile was so worth the stained t-shirt and sticky floor. it always is.

7.) my almost-finished photo wall that is amazing considering the crazy little money i spent on it. pictures to come when finished. and thanks to carin who can stretch a dollar like stretch armstrong and inspires me to do the same.

8.) randomly finding her with a hat on…don’t know where she finds them or how she manages to put them on so perfectly, but she loves them.

9.) the way she’s mastered drinking out of a cup. not a bottle. not a sippy. but a real grown-up cup. and she does it flawlessly.

10.) realizing that, by the end of writing this post, i forgot why i was discontent.

with this….

…how can i feel anything but blessed. happy. grateful.

…ready to vote next month. passionate about being a part of conquering our country’s problems.

…but in the meantime, i’m…

…enjoying the small things. ~k


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  1. Oh my word, those pictures are so beautiful! Lainey’s eyes in that last one are magical – what a pretty color!
    Love you guys!!!

  2. Once again, the big things are put in their place when the small things are celebrated. I am Poppa, and I approve of this message.

  3. her eyes say it all! She is perfect! and the pictue of you w/ both girls looks like a magazine cover!!!!

  4. Kelle, when I read your posts, I smile. And your thoughts make me sit back and REALLY think myself. They are such a great reminder to yes, be thankful, and grateful, and to not let a day go by without seeing how good I have it. Healthy children, great husband, just happy to be alive. Thank you Kelle!

    That last picture is priceless by the way. You better blow that one up HUGE.

  5. Sometimes it all comes back to perspective, huh? Kids have a way of bringing us there fast!!! Such great pictures. Can’t wait to see pictures of her in her costume!! My crockpot came out of hibernation this week and it will SO be making that recipe soon!

  6. I really needed that today. A great reminder to remember this world (political and economical) is temporary and heaven’s waiting.

  7. LOVE your dad’s comment…so true. Love it.

    I love how you celebrate the small things. Such a reminder for all of us to do the same.

    LOVE the costume! Last pic…those eyes, need i say more?!!!!

  8. so touched, I am, by all the kudos you’ve given me in this post :o)

    these are such precious, precious days, and I am so glad you’re cherishing every day, hour, minute, moment. it just makes it so much more exciting to move on to the next wonderful stage when you know you’ve been so…present for today.

    and I must say, “…which sit upon a bed of leaves…” sounds so much better than just…”on my counter”

    upon is such a lovely preposition, is it not?

  9. Was out of town and now back to catch up with your world. Thanks for having great stuff for me to check in on…

    I think it is good to be a bit discontent with things right now. For our girls and their future, we have to be.

    Also, lately, I have been thinking of you and my other stay at home mama friends and I, well, I feel jealous. I am so glad you cherish it so cause I never thought I’d want it so.

  10. Oh, those words…

    and those pictures…

    and reminders to be content…

    to feel GRATEFUL…

    just what I needed tonight.

    I miss you, my friend.


  11. Those pics are amazing!! I always feel soothed after I look at your blog. Like life is going to be okay. Thanks for that:)

  12. ps. LOVE the halloween costume…yippeeee!!!

  13. I’m not sure what to comment on……I want to see her in that costume, I’m just going to have to wait until October 31st I’m sure!

    I can’t wait to try the recipe….I love stuffed peppers so I’m sure I will love this and I’m always looking for new crock pot recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I know, your photos and narratives are so magical–coming here is therapeutic for me–it helps me remember everything I’m thankful for too!

    I especially love that you’re so feeling the fall in spite of living in Flordia. I figure if you can get into it there, I can too from the 85 degree desert.

    Keep it up!

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