i don’t want to forget…

the way she runs to the bathroom when she hears daddy turn on the shower…

…and pounds her little hands on the foggy door, begging to climb in…

…the way she tries to undress herself, panicking that if she can’t get out of her jammies fast enough, she might miss her chance to take her morning shower with dad…

…the way she melts into a trance when the warm water rains on her back…

…and cries “mo-mo” when you pull her away from the water stream.

…the water beads that stick to her perfect little cheeks before i dry them…

…or the feeling of could-anything-be-cozier-than-this? when i scoop her littleness up into warm terry cloth and kiss those drippy eyelids.

yeah. i’m gunna miss that.


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  1. Yes,showers…day’s doorway. Showers are where we sing with abandon, dream without borders, allow ourselves to be drenched with resilience…and we are ready to meet the day…and if we can do that with a slippery offspring in our arms, the world is ours! You, like the Seinfeld series, put the ordinary center stage and bring down the house! And shower photography is all in careful angles and prudent cropping.

  2. Oh, you told that perfectly! I love love that first pic – she looks positively triumphant.

    and hahaha about prudent cropping – so true :-) well done.

  3. those pictures are AMAZING!!!!!

    from now on, I will read your dad’s comments as if they are his own blog…his comments are so insightful and I reallylove reading them.

    I can’t get over how beautiful those pics are! My babies still do the same thing…you have a long while yet to enjoy the shower-panicked-baby hurrying to get into the shower.

  4. Great pictures Kelle! Love them another scrapbook page! She is going to have the world’s largest scrapbook:)

  5. Truly award-winning photography! ANd the expression on her face in the first one…impish!! I want to cuddle with cubby!

  6. absolutely PRECIOUS.

  7. this is so sweet. my baby reacts the same way to showers with daddy.

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