a little jewel i like to call creativity

i don’t wish much for lainey’s future other than that she is happy and feels loved.

although i believe in education, i don’t need her to go to harvard or yale.

i know money can buy a lot of life’s pleasures, but i don’t desire her to be rich.

i do, however, ask for one thing…

make her creative.

give her a passion for creating. for crafting. for painting. for writing. for making something of nothing. because no matter what else is going on in life, creativity fuels so much happiness and confidence.

just let her be creative.

…and so we foster it. today, painting outside with baylee (and lily who was not available for photos for she was strapped to my chest in a bjorn).

…followed by a good wash-off in the yard hose.

thank you mom and dad for teaching us about art. for fueling our passion for making something from nothing. for exposing us to culture. for sewing and cooking and writing and crafting and showing us the joys of creativity.

just let her be creative.

…enjoying the no-paint-by-numbers-for-this-chick things. ~k


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  1. Their ceilings have no limits, their walls are on casters to be pushed far and distant–these girls will leave brushstrokes on their world for all to be amazed with…it was a good day on Lowbank today. Of all the things I wished for my children, they were realized in unfettered creativity. You always colored out of the lines…and I applauded..I still do.

  2. i love the artwork that they come up with at this stage.
    idea?? (because i know you asked…)
    when stella was this age, i would take the above huge painted pictures and cut them up. i would attach them to the front of folded cardstock and send them out as cards. i’ve even kept a set of “notecards” for her to use someday…

  3. ohhhh…cool.

    My best idea for creativity is to answer every question they ever ask you in a way that no normal mom would ever answer.


    Q: Mom, are there really monsters under my bed because Michael is trying to scare me.
    A: Well, Michael should know, he has way too many monsters underneath his bed right now, and it’s all because he eats Cheetohs in his room. You’re not eating Cheetohs in your bed are you? Do you think one of his monsters might have gotten into your room? (seriously) Because I will help you look, I don’t blame you for being scared.

    See they don’t expect that. :-)

  4. This post made my morning……thank you. It brought back memories of my kids when they were little. Made me think of how creative they are now! And a reminder to me to thank my parents.

    I also love the pictures how you have captured them in there creativity! BEAUTIFUL! The hose picture total sweetness!

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