to kiss a boo-boo

it all started with a boo-boo…

that she became obsessed with. didn’t want it there. tried to scratch it off. whined about it. milked it for all it was worth.

so, i kissed it.
…because even the little boo-boos deserve a kiss.

what followed…well, i couldn’t help myself.

it’s just that this face…

…just begs to be smooched.

…enjoying a loungy, lazy saturday…and my very kissable things. ~k


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  1. Poppa will always kiss away the boo boos…on your chubby widdle feet, your hands, your heart. And Poppa doesn’t wear that smeary, smudgy lipstick…good news, huh! Yes, you’re kissable, and I am kissy…we were meant for each other!

  2. I LOVE kissing boo-boos! It’s amazing how, after a mommy kisses a boo-boo, they just scamper away, happy as can be! Because mommy just made the hurt go away. I love that!

  3. OMG! The b/w picture with red lips is GENIUS!!! As are you! Love that face!!

  4. oooh….YUMMY!

  5. I love those pictures, Kelle! What a cute idea with the lipstick :) I really love the second-to-last one too, it is just SO sweet :)

  6. LOVE IT LOVE IT! There must be a page of those kisses in the scrapbook! :) She will think it is just the best thing when she is older and sees those pictures!

  7. LOVE the BW/Color kiss pic! xoxo!

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