i’ll take christmas mailers for $400, alex

it is about this time of year, i begin contemplating our christmas mailers, and yes, i like to call them mailers (in fact, i like to say christmas mailers in a british accent). “cards” is just cheap. “mailers” seems very proper…very traditional…very louisa may alcottish, and i like to address the entire process of christmas mailers much like the fashion i presume louisa may alcott would have it done in one of her books.

whilst i don’t wear a bonnet and petticoat when addressing my mailers, i do make sure a fire is lit before i set about the task. i devote an entire night to the ceremony, have a wonderful life or miracle on 34th street playing, and i most certainly don’t use pre-printed labels. i handwrite each address with a calligraphy pen. i wear christmas pajamas and sip hot chocolate and savor licking every envelope. it’s a ritual i look forward to every year.

so, it is about this time i start designing our card in my mind, choosing the stamp, searching for quality envelopes. debating dreaded family letter or no dreaded family letter? glossy or matte? black & white photo or color? ribbons & bobbles or keep-it-simple. vintage or modern? and, while many pity my obsessive decision making, i rather enjoy it.

time is ticking, and with all that said…

christmas sessions have begun with two of my favorite models…

book yours today.

…enjoying the premature excitement things. ~k

…and yes, that’s christmas music…in october. tell me that makes you even the slightest bit excited.


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  1. Vintage yule. Those faces are timeless, in soft winter whites, crowned with red like festive royalty. I see wonder in their eyes–like they see the magic we adults have slowly been blinded to, with the cataracts of sophistication and age. But they call us back. I still, the evening I put up my Christmas tree, make a little bed on the floor beside it and sleep there with the lights on all night. I hope I always do…and someday, when too old to make my bed myself, I hope someone else does and puts me to sleep there. Ahhhh, Christmas…can we say that…Christmas to me, but I can celebrate Hannukah for you, or any holiday that puts wonder in your eyes and love in your heart.

  2. we have to get my family christmas card done ASAP!!!!!! I almost passed out looking at this! When should we do this??????

  3. wow. what planners.

    I feel accomplished if I send them out before valentines day.

  4. One of my favorite things to do too..that and wrapping. Love to wrap. I purposely save a lot to wrap so that I am doing it just a few days before the BIG day. More exciting that way! In front of the tree…in front of a Christmas movie…love it!

    Love the music Kelle..if I could start putting up my trees and decorations NOW I totally would. I absolutely LOVE Christmas.

  5. ohhh…


  6. I will make you a copy of James Taylor’s Christmas album. You know I am a bit biased but it is one of the best out there.

    Random note: spent almost two hours in line waiting to vote.

  7. YAY!! I love James Taylor! Early voting…I forgot! I’m on it!

  8. Oooh, that does it – we’re going to send a Christmas mailer!!! You got me all excited about it! :)

  9. (british accent) dahling…must get the mailers out and with every detail planned and executed perfectly!!!t YOU WILL:)

    i, too, look forward to the details of designing, capturing (the perfect shot), making, mailing our christmas ‘mailers!’

    ps louisa may alcott…LOVED HER BOOKS!!!! so true.

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