love and a box of leaves

thanks to jo, some love and a box of leaves, i finally got my cubby pictures, leaves and all.

this time, last year in michigan:

and a drumrole please for the famous comparison shot…even made sure it was a maple leaf.

blows my mind that just three hundred sixty and a small handful of days produces that kind of evolution. crazy.

…and although our trees down here might be slightly less deciduous, they still filter in afternoon light just as beautifully.

It was Autumn, and incessant piped the quails from shocks and sheaves, And, like living coals, the apples burned among the withering leaves. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

i used to paint these fall quotes on the windows of my classroom in october when i taught, and my poor fall-deprived little cracker kids would look at me like i was crazy. my last year of teaching, my dad shipped a box of apples straight from the orchard to my classroom so my kids could taste real michigan apples, not store bought shiny, waxy ones. it was a divine moment.

this faking it thing is kinda fun. the pressure’s on, joann. you’ve got two months to figure a way to box up some snow and ship it. if you love me, you’ll do it.

…enjoying the creating-your-own-happiness things. ~k


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  1. Very creative Kelle. As usual. I love the little collage of leaves you did too. Neat.

    And Lainey seems to like them too!

    Coffee tastes especially great these fall days..wish you were here to have a cup with me.

  2. So fun!! I wish now I would have sent a bigger box! Next year I’ll fill up a refrigerator box. ha! Love the pics – as usual. And that hat! precious.

  3. hahaha lol on the snow!!!!

    love the pics. love the collage of leaves. i can’t believe you did that…i am so jealous. that collage would take me 2 hours…no joke. okay, maybe a little less.

    love lainey crunching through the leaves!!!!


  4. Determined–that is the look I see on Lainey’s face so often. She will be a force to contend with, I am sure. She will be looking for trees to climb, walls to scale, ceilings to shatter. And it will all be photographed, I am sure, by Paparazzi Momma. Great idea, the leaves in a box…but then, everyone needs a Jo. I am already too cold. But it looks good from my chair by the fireplace…where I dream of my next trip to Florida–which is Halloween weekend, by they way! And the next will be Stephanie’s wedding!!!!

  5. Ok, save some leaves for me. Nothing can beat a northern autumn, and anyone that has not experienced a real apple orchard and pumpkin patch is missing out. I have enjoyed the past couple of cool mornings and autumn wreaths candle. The church parking lot pumpkins cracks me up. Even though going last Sunday was a lot of fun, but it’s not the same. No cider, no cute fall sweaters, no sugar donuts….ahhhh! Love the pictures.

  6. moby rules.

    you being hundreds of miles away on a chilly fall night when I don’t have to work tomorrow, well, doesn’t.

    so, like the leaves, let’s play pretend…stop by dunkin’ and get some sesame bagels and coffee on your way over tomorrow morning. leave lainey in her jams cuz you know I love jammied babies. I’ll have diana krall playing. We can run to Salvation Army, hit a few garage sales, fit in a quick photo shoot, quickly browse TJMaxx and then stop by Michael’s on the way home to grab some paint, because we always end up painting something. and if lainey falls asleep, we’ll hit Oliver T’s for some dried cherry scones, a cheese danish, and check out the susan branch cards…

    if only…

  7. Such a great post and great pictures……Carins comment sounds pretty awesome too!

    Lainey looks really good in Fall colors by the way!

  8. i love the leaf crunching picture!
    too cute.

    if you can hop on a plane…i’ve got a backyard full of piles that are just dying to be jumped into! that’s my plan for tonight!! well…and pictures. ’cause it’s really all about capturing the moments for them to look back on someday…

  9. Another random comment on another years old post, but wow – I think we’ve been living the same Autumns for years. I’m a Wisconsinite who found myself in Texas years ago and every year come end of August I start pining for north/midwest Fall. There is just nothing like it and my pathetic attempts at recreations just don’t work. But sitting in my backyard in February, watching my little one sit in the grass is a pretty good tradeoff, even if it doesn’t feel like it in the thick of October.

    The good news? I have a wedding in Wisconsin on 10/10/10 this year. Autumn here I come!

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