there’s no place like home (click click)

our neighborhood which, for the record, is not in Kansas, held its annual halloween children’s shindig today.

…beginning with a parade where littles marched up and down the streets showing off their costumes.
yes, lainey may have been slightly young to really know what it was all about, but we have no problem admitting we shamelessly do this for our own amusement…and the pictures…and the memories.

we started off with latte as our prop toto, but she was barking at all the costumes and spazzing out, so we had to run back and get the back-up toto.

ha…she’s completely unaware in the above pic that there were like three freaky star wars guys looming behind her.

…and we skipped the after party for a nap…because well…there’s no place like home.

…enjoying the dressing-up-is-fun things. ~k


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  1. it’s okay that she doesn’t know what’s going on….from her point of view,
    “hey, why are all these people looking at me, and smiling at me?”
    :-) that can’t be all bad.

  2. Oh my word – cutest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. first off – Lainey..cutest dorothy ever…great shoes, hot mama…Real men wear pink!

    ok and here comes the mean… i can’t stop it…i’m sorry.

    whats up with the Mexican immigrant behind her in the 2nd to the last pic? um, what 7ish little boy wants to be a migrant worker for halloween?

    oh dear, i just had a thought. ok several. 1. i hope his mom doesnt read your blog. 2. i hope his family really aren’t hispanic immagrants. 3. delete my mean comment if you want – i won’t feel bad.

    i’m feelin’ the love… really.

  4. HAHA! Tish, I saw the mexican too and chuckled and then I saw your comment and laughed! He’s kinda cute in a weird way. Hopefully his mom and kelle aren’t best friends. hehe

  5. ha! no, we don’t know them! and i too was pondering the situation. did he ask to be that? or did they, last minute, realize the halloween party was an hour away so they dug through a closet to find a burlap rug and a sombrero left over from some old cinko de mayo office celebration, slap an eyeliner-drawn mustache on him and quickly console his tears…”see! you do have a costume, honey! and all the kids are gunna think yours is the BEST!” i hope it was the latter ‘cuz that would mean his mom not only rocks but has mastered the true gift of parenthood: creative ingenuity. that could so be us some year.

  6. your comments are as fun as the posts!
    funny thing that i noticed, though.
    how different the costumes are in florida!!!!
    in minnesota, we get dressed up as cross country skiers and such…

    my stella was dorothy last year, cora was the lion, i was the scarecrow and my husband dressed up as the tin man. super fun.

    lainey is so adorable in her costume! (it’s fun, isn’t it?)

  7. his mom’s shirt is way cool plus she has this sort of kate beckinsale look about her.

    i’ve figured it out – they are visiting family (from Aspen, CO.) and were unaware of the costume parade.

  8. She is the cutest Dorthy ever. I love how perfect she looks in the outfit and holding the dog in the basket she is so fun to dress up because she loves it and so do you:)and me and everyone. She is a doll Kelle.

    those are some cute pictures.
    she is the cutest little dorthy and i love the last comment in ur post…
    because their is no place like home!!!

    TO CUTE!!! i want to squeeze her!!!

  10. OK, blogsters, we just completed a post that reminded us that different is good when love is there…let’s cut Juan Valdez some slack here…and is that a light sabre in his hand…maybe it’s Juan Vadar, Darth’s Mexican cousin. The last photo seems to find Lainey contemplating the concrete sidewalk: “…it’s supposed to be yellow and brick, Dad…this is like an Obama promise–NOT.”

  11. cutie. Can’t wait to see bug in her costume…gonna go finish it now.

  12. my daughter is going to be dorothy this halloween!! (her first!) my m.i.l. made her costume and my son is going to be the lion :-)

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