this moment

today was a really good day.
a day where i was completely present.
a day where i felt myself relax and just be.
i didn’t think about the next thing we were going to do.
i didn’t think about tomorrow.
i just breathed in the moment. because it won’t last for long.

lily stayed with her daddy today, so we had a surprise day…just me & my girl.

my first thought was laundry. paint the baseboards in the bathroom. edit photos.


today, i was going to be 100% there.

we started with bagels at panera. we talked about life…her & i. like how much i loved her.

then lunch with her grandpa & donna nana where i humbly took in a small fraction of my f.i.l.’s knowledge on the economy…but mainly just marveled at how smart he is.

i thought about going home for a nap.


i wasn’t done enjoying my time with her.

so, we went to the bookstore. she napped in her stroller while i leafed through children’s books, rifling through the glossy, colorful new releases in search of the good stuff…the old stuff.

…and our collection grows, one beautiful book at a time:

then it was to the beach…one we never go to…far on the other side of town because it felt like our little secret place today.

i let her run, shirtless and rolled-up jeans. i just followed her…laid in the grass and smiled at her wonderment and happiness with simplicity.

she discovered her shadow today…

…and, upon close examination of it, decided that she’s terrified of it…

a little sand brush-off and a boardwalk sliver-removal later, we landed at the dairy queen downtown. the old a-frame building welcomed us with its creamy twist cone and hot fudge sundae.

after realizing i had an entire pack of pampers clean n’ wipes in my car, i let her have at it. i didn’t rush her or worry about her ever-dripping cone. i let her enjoy it…every sticky clump of soggy cone that fell into her lap and all.

“…you must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” ~henry david thoreau

we messed up our naps today. we didn’t get a lot done. …but i wouldn’t have had it any other way.

…enjoying the this moment things. ~k


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  1. These moments are SO much more important then house work and naps! Wonderful pictures as usual and what a great day for you and cubby! xoxox

  2. To wait…for the last fading hues of the sunset, to tarry…for the final credits of the movie, to sit…unmoving for the trailing details of your child’s report of their day–that is to walk in the true cadence of life. There was a time, dear daughter, when you measured energy with speed. Sometimes, there is more energy with stillness. Maybe that explains “Be still and know…that I am God.” Here’s to waiting when love doesn’t rush or gush…it slowly seeps.

  3. Oh those shadow photos are so great. And my other favorite is Lainey with the big red booth behind her.

    Good day you had. Mine? I took the day off and had a very sick bug and an even more sick dog so mine was also present but in a more snotty, farty kinda way.

  4. Oh Kelle, I love those days, where you don’t think of much, but whats happening at that very moment. Those are wonderful days. I am glad you enjoyed it so much.

    And that cone…that drippy cone. Thats what washers are for right? Thats what I always say. I’m glad you let her just be free with that ice cream!

  5. Oh and I really love that picture of the two of you. All of them really.

    AND, geesh, how can I forget to say YAY! about the Velveteen Rabbit! Huzzah!

  6. loving the color blocking and the last alternating window blind pic…and the grass one. love it.

    yay for a mommy and lainey day!

  7. seeing those warm weather pics makes me miss my growing up in southern california! i know you miss the fall things, but i miss the sandy, sticky, rolled up jeans things!

    your pictures are beautiful! thank you for sharing.

  8. Oh! The one where is she sleeping in the stroller — that captures her baby-ness just perfectly! These days I’ll bet she seems like she is growing and changing so much, but then you can look at a pic like that and go, “Nope, she’s still a baby.” Nice.

  9. we have a bookstore here in minneapolis, wild rumpus…
    that is so amazing and fun.
    kid sized door, chickens and cats running around the store, a peeping hole into the floorboards where the rats live, couches and chairs in every corner…
    very fun.
    you just made me want to take the day off and bring the girls there for an outing.
    what a day…you sure took advantage of it wisely.

  10. I always wanted to have a children’s creative center…selling books, games, puzzles and other fun stuff and name it either: Tom Foolery, Skallawags or Kit & Kaboodle. Actually, I just wanted to do the name thing–not the managing inventory, staffing, leasing space or making profit. Just the name thing. I guess I could just name a space that. Sheesh, the peril of being a dreamer without the dimension of intelligence.

  11. was that 2nd to the last BW one there before? i love it! The ice cream looks so real like its going to drip out of my monitor. i wonder what she’s lookin’ at…

  12. ohhh i love this post and the pictures of lainey with her ice cream cone are so wonderful. the one with the ice cream just dripping off of her is one of my favorites!!!!! such a great kid pic. when i finish reading this post i remind myself to be in each moment fully and make the most of these little memories we are making each day. what a joyful day for you two.
    ps. can’t wait to get together soon too…i’m ready for another night out for sure!!!!!!! pss. happy almost halloween!!

  13. I love the last photo – very cool!

  14. wow. i need to do this. like on my day off on wednesday, when i usually do 4 loads of laundry and grocery shopping and blah blah blah. i will be present, with my kiddos.

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