…because you can never over-document the past

her second year book is current! yes, current, i said! mind you, i’ve been waking up at five to get stuff done and i haven’t watched t.v. or relaxed in a month, but the trade-off is so worth it.

just a few from the ones we’ve recently finished…

…enjoying the well-documented things. ~k


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    -Drooling Diana

  2. or…incRedible. Your choice.

    -Duh Doy Drooling Diana

  3. Captured cuteness. Recorded radiance. Charted charm. Pages cannot contain her elfen energy…she was so funny last night. She loves company and is destined to be a clone of her mother. Have a happy day everyone.

  4. my mouth is gaping and my eyes are huge mung gus looking at my monitor!! holy shiver me timbers these are incredible!

    how did you do a christmas page when it isnt even december yet? lol.

    I love learning from u!!

  5. You are so SMART to know that you gotta do it now or it will never get done :-) Just imagine looking back in 20 years….ahhhh..

  6. Hello,

    If you ever wonder who keeps reading your blog all the way from New York – that’s me. I came across it through accidentally and now read it quite often – I love your writing and your photographs!

    I love the digital scrapbook pages that you created and hoping to be able to it for my twin girls – can you tell me what software/website you use for those?

    And another question – can you tell what is your ‘every day’ lens? I am trying to find an optional lens so that I don’t have to drag my giant 4 pound 70-200 with me everywhere I go…



  7. No way! holy BEAUTIFUL, perfect, exquisite, lovely, amazing scrapbook pages. OH MY Goodness, they took my breath away.

    you are good.

  8. this is the coolest book ever!! i love it. i am new here to your blog. i came over from cjs….
    wow this is great!

  9. Anonymous says:

    My dear Kelle,
    When I look at these pictures and your writings, it brings me back to your Beaumont days and “when I have a baby . . .”, how we would laugh at all of your dreams and expectations. You should be so proud, you have made your dreams come true and the expectations are now reality. Miss you . love Roberta

  10. Thanks for making me cry, Roberta! :o) xoxo

  11. Man, I wish I would have known about the cool stuff you could do with pictures YEARS ago. So happy your doing this Kelle!

  12. sleep is overrated. these are fabulous!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. These pages are AMAZING!! How do you make them? Do you use a computer program or scrapbook it by hand? I love it! 😀

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