‘cuz it’s vacaction…and we do this kinda stuff

the house is pleasantly disheveled. which means the laid-back meter is high.
and i still have a full week ahead with brett home. and we are pretty much just holed up in this happy solitude just playin’ life by ear. like we sip coffee at ten and shower by eleven and maybe by noon, we have a loose plan of our evening. and, by plan, i mean fire and a movie? or fire and watch lainey play?

and, speaking of play, we christened the kitchen with a real play date today. (can’t stop smiling at that play date term. because that means my baby is a girl…i am the mother of a girl…a girl who is grown up enough to play…in a kitchen…with a friend).

and baylee brought lainey her first real dress-up clothes. thank-you, friend.

drinking this wonderful cup of “vacation” life today. it tastes so good.

and, for the record, i may or may not be returning e-mails or phone calls until after brett goes back to work. because this is just too good right now.

…enjoying the happy-to-be-home things. ~k


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  1. i am totally there with you!
    i’m only online … ’cause husband brought the girls to g-ma’s for a little bit.
    i’m supposed to be cleaning.
    what a girly girl play date! and i am so jealous of the girls running outside in dresses. but then again … i’m sure you are jealous of my snow. ah well. the grass always seems greener. but then you realize that it truly isn’t. maybe just a different shade.

  2. We had so much fun today. The dress is back on and we are playing and dancing around. Life is good.

  3. I feel like I’m on vacation in Hawaii!!

  4. You stay away from that phone…I get Chris a whole two weeks too, and I am loving every second of it!

    I think it’s funny, your schedule, as the other morning I woke up at 10:15..no lie. Chris got up with the kids just a few minutes before! We are totally off, but it’s SO FUN!

  5. I just couldn’t quit laughing at these princess pics…the one where Baylee is driving her in the little car, with Lainey sitting in the back, looking the other direction, I can hear her say, “Take me back to the castle!” Like driving Miss Daisey. What precious princesses.

  6. oooooh lala , i love the pretty princess pictures…the one of the girls eating lunch in their gowns with the beautiful kitchen in the background is my favorite!! its like a fairytale. glad you are enjoying your vacation-y week. talk to ya soon!

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