eclectic loveliness

the various sources of loveliness are abundant these past two days…

a birthday dinner down near the water with my in-laws who are insanely lovely…

where i blew out candles and made big wishes surrounded by some of my favorite people…

…and watching miss lovely make lovely with a hijacked lipgloss of mine today..

…and some quality times with the dogs…

…and then, a little surprise…a trip to the zoo. she’s never been, and we keep saying we’re going to take her with her growing adoration of anything with four legs. and, today we finally did. and it was splendid.

we walked and walked and walked…forever. and the stroller held our bags rather than her as she wanted to run and be free…and be held.

she did a lot of pointing…at monkeys and zebras and birds and turtles…and then would look at us and smile…like this-is-really-cool-isn’t it?

we dressed her to blend in with the zebras, of course…

…oh, i’m just loving having brett around so much…i know she’s loving it too…

…but she still loves her mommy…

oh heavens…this next picture…she is so her father’s daughter.

…enjoying the routine-life-is-soon-to-come-so-just-a-little-longer-please things. ~k


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  1. You three are beautiful. Love the pics of all of you together.

  2. aww you and ll have matching yellow sweaters, very cute.

    i want to see more of the hot pink marilyn monroe dress. i’m sure its fabulous! creme brulee, ice cream, and cake – a perfect 30 “birthday cake”.

  3. the yellow sweaters, completely intentional, i cannot lie.

    the dress…is a shirt. ann taylor clearance, $10…and so fabulous, i wore it two nights in a row.

    i love how much you notice in the photos…but i must say one of brett’s “coolies” in a past post went unrecognized by you. now, my dear, you have some “i spy” to catch up on. hmmmmm….can she find it?

  4. Did you get your hair cut? It’s so good on you – nice.

    Lovely day!

  5. what a fun family day! i love the pic of her with the dogs…so sweet! live up the last few hours of

  6. You all look like you had a blast at the zoo. I love taking Alan, and want to venture to the Miami zoo eventually. Love your outfits, I find pleasure in Alan and I matching (who cares if he’s a boy). We have to get together soon, I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages.

  7. Creme Brulee–nectar of the gods! We loved that zoo when we went…great monkeys! Glad she is exploring this facinating world. We will see you tomorrow…you can sleep in on Friday as I will be up with my Lainster at 7…stay away!!!

  8. ok great, now i have to go back through the past 40 posts and look for a coolie… will update with results…let the hunt begin!

  9. found it! 2nd annual hampton caroling and hot chocolate neighborhood walk. blue coolie. it looks like kelly’s david might have an orange one as well. the coolie thing is catchin’ on…

  10. You sure know how to capture the moment…..xoxox

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