my love

just overwhelmed with love today for her.

an afternoon walk to make my poor runny-nosed love feel better turned into a climb-out-of-the-stroller-and-run escapade. and then…swear…unprompted, for the first time…she posed. just smiled at me all “you’ve-got-two-seconds-to-snap-away”-ish. so i did.

before i put her bed tonight, i smelled her. just inhaled right in the crook of her neck. and she smiled. and i explained, as if she would understand….”i’m smelling you so i never ever forget because someday, i’m gunna want this moment back, right here.” i find myself saying that to her more and more.

and i kissed. and i smelled. and i squeezed. and i breathed in every bit of her love.

i want to stop the clock and just enjoy this a little longer.

(yup. she smells her feet.)

i love her. i love her. i love her. i do.

whew. just had to get that out of my system tonight.


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  1. You should try looking at these pictures late at night, with the smooth sounds of Auld Lang Syne in the background…you cry…and wonder how deliciously thick this soup of life is we enjoy. I’m enjoying it tonight…her three little cousins are here in the other room…the world will be brighter tomorrow because of them all. Dreamers, explorers, dress-up divas, drama queens…brace yourself, 2009…they are headed your way!

  2. Cute pics! Did you curl her hair? It looks really cute! Love the pose and the outfit.

  3. I was just going to say the same thing about her hair – it looks like it has a style now and not just baby hair! So cute!
    oh she just keeps getting more beautiful.

  4. I read this a to agree with you more is not possible! My 4 “babies” are now grown… and I remember. I remember the smells of their childhood. Drink it up! I wish like crazy I had made myself keep my journals then. You are blessed beyond words. Your post reminds me of the scene in Parent Trap where she smells her grandfather’s jacket and explains she is “making a memory”. Thanks for sharing yours, I enjoy in tremendously!

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