booty shakin’

i know presley’s pics are adorable, but i had to slip this in…

i can’t stop watching this.

during popcorn & movie night with daddy, she went into this mezmorized state watching the oompa loompa dance from charlie & the chocolate factory. and then she danced. oh, but there’s more. a few seconds later, she just completely lost herself in oompa loompa land. like, crazy moves.

my favorite video of her yet.

click here to see. it.

i promise…it will make your day. twenty bucks if you can watch it without smiling. entirely not possible.


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  1. totally not possible not to laugh/smile/want to cry. also, not possible to just watch it once.

    love that lainey love. love how she swings her hips so far to each side. can’t get any cuter.

  2. oh holy shit. for real? not smile? how about not possible to not laugh out loud even when you are supposed to be in bed? Thanks.

  3. Oh my, that is so stinking cute that I had to watch it more than once, with a smile of course! She’s adorable!!

  4. Hilarious! I could watch that all day! How many times did you rewind it? I heard her 2nd “uh oh” at the end. her sweet voice is just precious!

  5. does it count if i smile even before i watch it … because i’m so prepared for it to be stinking cute??

    and i heard two “uh-oh”s!!! (totally counts as a word.)

  6. Oh my God – she is SOOO adorable!!!!!

  7. hahah! love it. She gets SO into it! I lose the bet as well — not smiling while watching this is impossible.

  8. freakin’ cute! i imagine you could spend all day rewinding that song because…HOW COULD YOU SAY NO TO THAT FACE?????

  9. Dancing with the Stars, watch out here comes Lainey Love Hampton! Everytime I hear that song I will now see Lainey dancing. Ha! Ha!

  10. OMG! Are you freaking kidding me? Have you gotten some freaky video software so you can dub all this together? This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Her “uh-oh” when it stops is priceless! Then the freak out dance is too much!

  11. And I got to see her dance for real tonight…so adorable, with a smile that was perfectly elfen.

  12. btw…LOVE the v-day card!!

  13. had to bring cora back to see this.
    she’s been super sick … this made her giggle. thanks. i needed to hear that again.

  14. way to rub it in poppa…salt in my wounds.

  15. I love your blog so much, I changed mine – like so many other of your chums have done too!!! Love your photography as well…what a job that I know you love!!! Even on your “uninspired” days, you’ve inspired me to be a better storyteller, picture taker and just to enjoy my little ones soooo much! Thanks! I found your page through Summer’s blog! Have a great day!

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