our girl is funny, funny, funny.
case in point:
she shuts herself in her closet. like completely dark…and pulls both doors shut until they “click.” and she’s not scared. she buries herself into layers of hanging clothes and yells for me to come find her. …and i open the door to find a pair of legs just hanging out under all these clothes…and then a little hand…and a sliver of a smile…and a beaming little face…and then she’s all “RAAAAARRRR!” …and i guess i just thought they didn’t do that kind of cute stuff until they were four or five. so, i’m pleasantly surprised.

she is dripping personality these days. there’s not enough paper towel in the world to sop it up.

…and these posts just seem to keep coming back to this great big part of my life right now. she’s the cream that rises to the top these days and despite all the tangents that make me happy, i would throw them all away if i had to.

and my favorites these past days:

~she finally learned to bend her arms all upturned and cock her head to the side and make this cute little “i don’t know” noise when you ask her something. it’s the i-don’t-know face, and it’s always been one of my favorite baby things. looked forward to it since day one.

~she “gets” time-out. just a little here and there, but if it’s bad enough–a fit, a blood-curdling scream–we quietly and calmly tell her she needs to go sit in her chair and pull herself together. and she immediately quits fitting/screaming and smiles like “oh, i know this…i have a job to do”…and runs to her chair and sits. quietly. and smiles. and the fit’s over. and it doesn’t really make any sense at all, but it works. distraction. and she likes it and i like it and…we’ll just see how it goes.

~she puts toys away. really good. and she knows where everything goes in her kitchen…and puts it right back. and i can give her anything–clothes, diapers, toys, books–and ask her to please put them away, and i watch, in awe, as she takes them right to their spot.

~about twenty times throughout the day she randomly stops what she’s doing, runs like heck to me and holds her arms up. and i say “awwww….does da baby need some luvins?” and she smiles. and i pick her up, kiss/nuzzle/whisper/love the bejesus out of her…and then she shimmies back down and runs to play. and it leaves me numb for about a minute every time. just paralyzed with love. wheelchair, anyone?

…just needed to spew some love tonight. there. all better.


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  1. I love, love, love the wardrobe photos! They made me giggle. Plus, she has one impressive wardrobe!

    Lainey sounds such a sweetheart. I think if we all broke off for some luvins every now and then throughout the day, the world would be a happier place!

  2. Hey, didn’t I eat salad out of that bowl last night?

  3. Love the monster in the closet! What happened to those poor little knees? A little road rash?

    And the little naked Lainey in the bowl is very sweet. Makes her look more baby like.

  4. Bwah ha ha. It is the same bowl, and the fact that you noticed it is hilarious. That’s why the salad was so good you know…it’s the butt flavor we add.

    Hers boo-boos came from a stumble in the driveway. And they are badges of honor…shows them to anyone who walks in the door.

  5. cora hasn’t been put on a time-out yet … by me … but she puts herself on them every day.
    “MOUT” she says as she crosses her arms in a huff and sits down somewhere.
    it’s hilarious.
    they could have a mean game of hide and seek going right now. lainey is the definite winner. cora hides in plain sight … upside down is hiding …

  6. All of those pictures so adorable. Great moments……cherish them all! I know YOU do!

  7. i think my favorite pics from this post are the ones where you can see the skinned knees. they are just so REAL. so toddler. so little girl. she’s not afraid to explore.

    i love kids with personality. your’s has personality to spare! i dont think you should even try to sop it up with paper towel, just let it run all over the place.

    we love you lainey love and wish we lived closer so we could play!

  8. LOVE this post!
    that closet…HOLY CRAP! wish i could borrow a few pieces.
    her monster game…TOO sweet!
    i’m with you on giving un everything else for these little people. they make life complete! thanks for spewing…i quite sure it’s the only spewing we all enjoy!

  9. well, hell you have been busy. Love that closet sequence. And the many faces of Lainey sequence. And little Lainey salad? Geez. Wish I could kiss her squinty nose.

  10. UM….I’d like an order of the LAINEY PASTA PLEASE!!!! thats MY FAVORITE PICTURE EVER!!!!!!!!

  11. oh my gosh how i wished time out worked like that for brax (he is just a couple months younger than lainey.)
    when he gets put in time out he yells, screams and cries incessantly. he hollers things like, “mommy YOU made a bad choice….i gonna count to three and YOU go to time out… you are NOT NICE…” at the top of his lungs.
    is that a guy thing, or is lainey exceptionally pleasant and easy to discipline??!!

  12. haha – val, mike, brax, and harper – my son is exactly like that, too. Fun times! He keeps me on my toes for sure! I keep telling myself that attitude and determination is going to come in handy when he’s a teenager!

    Kelle – Lainey’s a doll!

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