real hide-and-go-seek. she finds a corner, a wall, an object to burrow against…burying her face into her pudgy little hands and squinting her long-lashed eyes while she waits for me to hide. and then a smile and her eager skip to come find me. she gets it.

(and i just love this picture because i was hiding behind a tree and i watched her scan the yard for me and sport this sweet little smile right when she spotted me)

a rainy day…which banished us–in the good kind of way–to the indoors where we shared a day with friends. and coffee. and perfectly toasted sesame bagels smeared with butter and cream cheese. choosing just one wouldn’t be fair. oh, but we did manage to escape during a break in the sprinkles for some puddle-splashing pictures.

posting this picture right after i stood on a soapbox today and gave a speech on why i hate suckers. however…my photo company slips in a little lolli with every order. and we’ve been getting daily ups deliveries. and i forget every time that it’s in there…until she finds it. and it’s a pretty big ordeal after we’ve managed to pry it from her deathly grip. and today, as the ups man walked up the driveway with the box…she ran and said “num-num.” and i couldn’t help myself. and i can’t not start a sentence with “and.”

my proof. see…she really does hold a pencil just right. and draws. tediously. my mom saved the crib sheet of my brother who drew an entire train track on it..perfect little perpendicular lines that repeated themselves across the cotton–when he was two. and then he said “choo choo.” and now he’s an artist. hmmm….just wonderin’.

short blood-red nails. love ’em…and tonight i actually had a little chunk of time to polish my nails and let them dry without the paint being embedded with cracker crumbs.

(p.s. random thought: would the most fun job ever not be a nail polish color namer?)

weekend plans…two big parties. oh, joy. pics to come.

…and speaking of pics…

i do so love her. …and her little jammied body is snuggled under my covers right now…covers that are begging for me to join her.

…enjoying the every-day-is-grand things. ~k


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  1. okay, lainey has an insane wardrobe. i think about it all the time, but these pics really capture it. LOVE the boots with the sundress. so envious of fair weather and the fashionista! there’s only so much you can do with long sleeved onesies and jeans!

    when does she turn two?? it’s funny how similar she is in development to eliana and how in some ways they are totally different. like elie is so not into drawing yet.

    someday i aspire to take one picture of my child that is as beautiful of every picture you take of your child!

  2. It warms the cockles of my heart to see my girl right up there posting a comment. And I agree with all of it. These photos are amazing and I must get boring saying that…but I’m gonna keep saying it anyway.

    Love the new header! Not that it is so new, as in, today (don’t get me wrong–I know when it was new) but I am just now, finally, saying it. New headers are the best.

    Love the pic when she sees you behind the tree the best. I knew that was the scenario as soon as I saw it. Also love the b&w pic at the bottom with her glassy, gorgeous eyes. I have big weekend plans too…can’t wait to hear about yours! xxoo

  3. bwah ha ha ha! cockles? oh, i love you! cockles!! (furiously filing “cockles” in the c drawer of my vocabulary)

  4. love the tutu, boots and umbrella get up.
    i’m so wearing that to the next party i attend.

    but … maybe i’ll add a shirt.

    and because i know you would appreciate this … because you wish for snowy weather at times … stella and i just walked outisde in t-shirts … because we could. it is absolutely beautiful today. and i’m getting a glimpse of spring. lovely.

  5. Perpendicular lines? Hmmm… that is one of Diggs Bob’s signature crib sheet designs. Are you sure he wasn’t in there eating nachos in Christopher’s bed?

  6. Yeah, but my brother also drew train tracks incessantly from an early age (2…or younger) and he’s no artist. But he is a train dispatcher! :) Something tells me your little Lainey Love will likely fall on the artistic side of that story, though…

    Thanks for having such a backlog of entries so that when I get a moment or 2 and need a pick me up, I always have something joyous to read!

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