yes…it works for every post title.
but this one especially…

some “love” from a few valentine shoots.

she’s hilarious, she’s kind, she’s animated, she’s fun…but most of all…she’s a love of a mommy.

meet donna and her babies…she’s surprisin’ her man with these ones…

and i just suggested they kiss their mama for this shot, and they happily obliged…just tackled her and mauled her with love.

and then sweet little alan and samantha took turns lovin’ the lense…

and a cute one of my niece, savannah from last week:

if you’re in the naples area…valentine special: $100 mini shoot includes 15 minute sitting, a CD with 5-6 edited images and 25 premium pearlized 2-sided custom designed 5×7 valentines with envelopes.
e-mail me:

love, love and more of it your way…

oh, and p.s. the comments on the last post? seriously. thank you.


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  1. you are AMAZING!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

  2. wish I was there! What a deal for $100! Also, that little Amazonian thing you got going in your back yard (?) is incredible. Can we lay about out there when bug and I visit?

  3. Are you freaking kidding me? This is from someone in a creative funk?

    (throwing laptop across room in disgust)

    I love, love, love, love them all especially the bw one!!

    Nurses coming to your house tomorrow to draw blood. Dna test stat!

  4. see, look … that creativity is peeking it’s lovely head …
    it’s coming darling.
    and even if it feels slow … it doesn’t really matter in the end. you’ve already created a wonderful masterpiece. she’s probably sleeping right now … but go take a look at her.
    i try to remind myself that i don’t need to do and be EVERYTHING. because what i already am … is everything to my little someones.
    do you know anyone in mn offering that kind of a deal?? the world needs more kelles.

  5. Kelle you are fantastic! Love them all oh my the ones of Donna and her children though! Melt my heart. They are just such a cute loving family and it is written all over the pictures. How beautiful and my little Alan so cute great card! He is just a doll! You are brillant!

  6. ooh love the pic of Savannah…i see a budding fashionista!

    Great pictures!!

    but i miss seeing lainey in the post. isnt that weird? it seems like the post isn’t complete without at least 1 pic of her.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m sending our Ms. Mads on the next Air Tran to Fort Myers for the special! I wish!!!!!

  8. What a fun family! Great pictures

  9. I just love the green door from 5th Ave! I recognized it right away…whenever we are waiting to eat at Pazzo I love taking pictures in front of that door!

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