some chubbins

the chubs on this lover just had me at “hello.”
i just love chubby babies.
and sweet little presley was no exception.
heaven, i tell you.

…and her mama makes the most beautiful flip-flops.

oh, be still my heart.

i’ll take two, please. with extra chubbins.

…enjoying the sometimes-rolls-on-thighs-are-adorable things. ~k


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  1. I love the boots and pearls!

  2. Lily is going on a strict diet of pizza and ice cream! Sending it tomorrow in her bag. Want this chubbins! OH MY ADORABLE!!

  3. what a cutie pie!

  4. so fun today! Great pictures again!

  5. Oh my chubbins! So cute and chubby it makes me want to plump her little chubbly face!

  6. your photography is so inspiring. actually your whole blog is : ) i would totally set up a shoot with you if i lived near you. reading about lainey is fun because my baby is 7 months and it’s fun to see what’s ahead. take care : )

  7. why don’t rolls look that cute when you are 30??
    she is absolutely adorable.
    oh god. baby fever.
    how do you do survive these photo shoots with baby sweetness everywhere???? i would go crazy.
    i finally have the husband convinced! yeah me! but not for a little while. argh.

  8. oh my goodness…
    those eyes, lips, chubby lil leggies…yum!

  9. Laughing at Jen’s comment….I don;t know though, when Andy sees the dimples in my butt he always exclaims, oh my chubbins! ha. Can you imagine? I’d slug him.

  10. SUCH a cutie!! awesome job on these!

  11. This baby is….delicious.

    Why is it that when a little baby is chubby you can say, “Oh, what a little butterball!” and it’s perfectly acceptable…a term of utter endearment.

    Try it with a friend’s wife…”Oh, what a little butterball!” Uh…I don’t think so.

    How 30 years makes such a difference.

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