oh, for the love.

this girl is fabulous…and not just because she’s beautiful. she’s effervescent and happy and her eyes smile every second of the live long day. she’s young and so is her sweet little voice. and she and her mama and i laughed until we cried last night taking these pictures.

…and i was so consumed with these incredible shots i was getting that i, in my own little camera world, walked into the street looking at my screen and almost got run over by a car, but that’s another story.

…it’s amazing how much beauty seeps out of these young girls when they’re just themselves. …happy. and confident. oh youth…with all the insecurities young women deal with these days…i wish i could take every one of them out…take their pictures…and tell them: dude. you’re fabulous. just the way you are. and don’t you ever forget it.

i had so much fun! kaity, you are crazy beautiful, baby!
…and i took the liberty of choosing this as your theme song, k? xoxo

see kaity’s slideshow here.


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  1. what can one say about these pictures?

    GEORGEOUS, vibrant, young, fresh, original, creative!!!

    i TRIED hard to choose a fave and couldn’t. couldn’t.

    kaity is sooooooo beautiful. …truly an exceptionally beautiful girl and sweet to boot!

    hey there kh!!! js’s got nothing on you:)


  2. STUNNING!!!! love every single one of them! and kaity…could she be any more DARLING?!?!

    oh, these are so good! there’s nothing like seeing a girl/woman feel beautiful and confident…what a gift you gave her. I think that is why I love to photograph young women so much…you’re empowering them so much…giving them permission to feel good about themselves. Love these!!!

  3. oh, i love what carin wrote…
    this is such a gift.

    i came back to say kaity’s eyes are stunning!

  4. Nice work friend. It’s clearly a great combo: you behind the camera and her in front of it! That green door rocks. Your sister, once again, is right on. What a cool job you have.

  5. OH MY WORD…….OUTSTANDING PICTURES!!! I guess that’s what you get when you mix a SUPER TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER with a beauty (Kaity is such a BEAUTIFUL person,inside and out). These are GOREGOUS! These, along with many others, soooo belong in a MAGAZINE!!!! Seriously!!!

    Kelle Hampton…you are AMAZING!!

  6. you must only accept assignments of people with gorgeous eyes …
    she is stunning. and your pictures just solidify that truth.

  7. you really captured the beauty of youth! they are so fun!

  8. Wow! Love the close ups with her delicious eyes! (Can I call her eyes delicious? I’m not a weirdo…I promise.)

  9. I agree, the eyes are amazing. The way you posed her is out of this world.

  10. Fantastic Pictures! She is a beauty inside and out that is for sure! She is stunning and those eyes hello those eyes and everything about her is just perfect!

  11. SO SO SO Good. You are such a good photographer and this girl/woman beautiful:) I can’t wait until the sun starts shinning around here so I can steal some of your great ideas. I’m already on the look out for a chair I can paint.

    Love your work!
    Love your style!
    Love your HEART…..that you can see all over your posts!

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