{my beautiful sam}

my friend, sam.
who is beautiful.
but even more beautiful now…
because her body is the home of a growing miracle.
oh, i am just consumed with the beauty of pregnancy.
and the miracle of a woman’s body in growing, changing, supplying, sustaining.
it is sexy. it is beautiful. it is amazing.

seriously…i have no words for these pictures.

sam…i realized tonight how much i love you…and how very beautiful you are.

for more of sam’s pics…see slideshow here.


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  1. The refreshing perspective of this next generation–seeing the utter beauty of pregnancy and wishing to record it, frame the moment. I applaud you…and Kelle, you do it exquisitely, respectfully, aesthetically and elegantly. Sam glows–with beauty. The birth of a mother.

  2. Holy Gap Model! This is what I’ve been talking about since I’ve known her! Match her with Ryan and it’s going to be the next Gap Baby Model! I’m more excited than ever to meet Baby s!


    No words!

    Actually I have a few, but can’t spit it out now bc these are so incredible!

  3. FaVS are in the black tank and colorful dress!!

    Tears immediately welled in my eyes for the belly shot ALONE in the grass – S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G!!!!!

  4. these are BEAUTIFUL photos….the beauty in a pregnant women is undeniable and you captured that!! love love love the red dress ones, what a beautiful mommy she is going to make…xo

  5. OH…WOW. HOLY STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL…PERFECT! these are THEE most beautiful pregnancy pictures i have ever seen.

    sam is so beautiful inside and out…love her and that little baby in her belly.

    kelle-YOU ARE SO TALENTED. these are my favorites!!!!


  6. so hard to choose a fave…
    the black and white…would blow that up the size of a wall in my house and hang it!!!!

    dress of many colors…stunning!

    angel one, belly shot with sun coming through…heavenly.

  7. no words. truly.
    (and you know … from me … total compliment AND accomplishment.)

  8. Oh My! You totally got it! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Kelle, I can’t begin to express how much I love these pictures and how much I love you!! You are so amazing and it brings tears to my eyes that you were able to catch just how I feel being pregnant. You are so right, it’s the most beautiful and amazing time. You truly are an amazing artist!!! Love you!!!

  10. beautiful, just breathtaking.

  11. ohhhh….sweet baby belly those were gorgeous.

  12. Oh how I wish I would have known you when my babies were cooking! I would have loved to frame such a miracle in the making!

    LOVE all but my fav is the full shot of her with the colored dress.

    I wish I could have had more…..

  13. you are such a talented photographer, but it’s more than that–you have a way of capturing an inner world of emotions of the people you are photographing and it’s so lovely. thank you for sharing!

  14. What in the world is going on with playlist!??? was your list changed too!??

  15. I am with Amy, I would love to have another one so you could capture the wonderful changes of the body when a baby is growing inside it.

    Beautiful pictures!

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