i’ll take ‘notta-lotta-words-but-lotsa-pics’ for $400, alex

i do realize that these days are some of the sweetest in my life…
…and that, although i see so much good in our future…
…i will always dream back to days of being home with her every day and watching this life evolve before me.

she is still a baby to me. and yet this amazing little girl at the same time.

this is week two of this awful little cold she’s had and despite the fact that her eyes aren’t quite as wide and vivid as they usually are and her nose is a perpetual faucet, she is still her funny, happy self going about her own little way doin’ her own thing all day long.

…and enjoyin’ the spring things that are gradually tricklin’ into our ever welcoming arms this sweet march/almost-april…

and i’m eating up her bare feet and neighbors with kites and prickly little mushrooms we find in the yard and the fresh squeezed lemonade i’ve made now twice in two weeks. and the gardenias blooming in our front yard that put off this perfumery thing for a 1/2 mile radius.

my spring baby. she was born in the spring for a reason…

(oh, poor little babe has decongestant eyes!)

we have a calm week ahead of us…
…and i know it’s going to be grand.

…and that’s all i have to say tonight.


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  1. Even though she isn’t feeling so great, she is still as beautiful as ever! I love those silver slipper shoes!

    Isn’t it funny, how you can tell a child is sick just by their eyes? I always know…by the eyes…when my little ones are sick. The eyes tell it all.

  2. awe that first photo is beautiful. and my other favorite is the first colored pink hat. little chicken. so sweet with her spacey teeth. and, yes, i want to run to this second song. but it is 10:23 and i just had a bg ole martini and, so, tomorrow it’ll be amazing what i’ll do. make my heart sing.

  3. I love Barb’s image…”I could just sop her up with a big biscuit.” I could. I will. Next week…she needs some “Poppa Time.” I will make her better. Plan a night out–the Panny is coming (like a nanny but a Poppa).

  4. panny…cracked me up:)

    spring is the best with a little one there to find mushrooms, and clovers, and kites,…

    i hope lainey-bug feels better soon!

  5. I hope Lainey feels better soon. How do you get beautiful pictures even when she is sick?

  6. “calm” what a blessed word…

  7. hooray for calm! i can’t wait to see what you and momma do.

    hope you feel better lailey (that’s how jonah says it).

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