little gills

so our skin is officially pruned out this weekend. perhaps, spent more time in the water than out, in fact.
and that’s the nice thing about living in florida. whether it’s the healing, salty waves of the gulf or the refreshing chlorinated waters of our many-pooled little city…we love developing our gills as much as we want to at any given day of the year.

and we began our underwater adventures early saturday morning upon an invite from our beloved neighbor-slash-borrowed grandma/mama kathleen to join her at her club, the dunes, for a cup of coffee by the prettier-than-usual waterfalled slice-of-heaven pool.

and we talked about life and kids and love while lainey waded with her little permagrin, frequently stopping to sweetly convince miss kathleen to take her out for a jump and a wheeeee swing back and forth.

and five minutes fresh of our arrival back home, we found ourselves in our neighbor’s practically-a-hot-tub pool for an impromptu afternoon pool party where we eavesdropped on a really bad d.j. from a house party across the lake and watched, amazed…as our little gills-ey kinda sorta learned to swim. with a tube, of course, but still…her need to tightly grip has disappeared…and in its place is a jumper. a close-your-eyes-and dunk-er. a happy-faced pop-back-up-per. oh, and a kick-your-legs-and swim-mer!

watch! (oh pooh….embed never works for me…so sorry…you have to click it to see it)¤t=VideosMarch053.flv

see…we swim! and our summer goal is to lose the tube and do the same.

lovin’ our water…

so much, even when we’re out of it…we find a way to get back in:

…enjoying the h2o-ed things. ~k

oh…and just for good measure. look. her first widdle pony-tail. and she was proud of it.

(p.s. dig…i took the liberty of “borrowing” your song. ‘cuz i knew you gots my back).


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  1. Love that you took this song! It’s yours. It makes me teary. And that pony tail! Shit damn! That’s cute.

    Thinking of you nearly every five minutes this weekend.

    Um, it is dumping snow all day here. I am wearing a thick sweater and our heat has been cranking all day. Crazy we live in the same country.

    kiss the universe, no?

  2. I love that our Florida kids don’t have to wait until the summer to be pool babies! (And I love that I get to buy bathing suits for her year-round!)
    I used to work with Kathleen at the Gap. What a great lady! I see her every now and then, but please tell her I said hello!

  3. So glad you were able to enjoy our beautiful weather. Love the pony tail!

  4. haha…oh, you wouldn’t believe what our backyard looks like right now…just a blanket of snow can you believe it.

    on swimming – we used to just toss one in with swimmies on, and he’d bob to the surface, splutter, smile a big cheesy grin – and he’d want more. We tried it with middle child when she was old enough and…no, it doesn’t work with every child – KNOW YOUR CHILD. haha. She was ticked.

  5. How happy the gillyface! The video is so sweet…wow, where did our little scaredy cat go? She would have jumped in without you…and Poppa reminds you to keep that pool fence secure…as I know you do. See you Thursday! Love ya oodles!

  6. Love it and Love the music that goes with it! Oh my makes my heart sing:) She is a little fish can’t wait to go swimming this summer with the girls! We can have our Fridays again:) xoxo

  7. ADD kicking in…

    Are you teaching her gang signs in the pool?

    LOL on the song!!

    I want to buy a condo at the Dunes just for that pool!

    Love the ponytail!!

    Thinking of you all so much!


  8. hers the sweetest little fish! love the pony tail!

    love you and love your little swimming beauty!

  9. look at that little pony tail…adorable!!! …and her happy smile.

    little lainey bug is growing up.

    the video of her jumping in that water…no fear at all. as fast as she gets out the pool, she’s jumpin’ back in. what a big girl!


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