still dancin’

anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.

we danced today…and the rain is behind us.

dancing makes everything better. everything.

thank you for the sweet outpouring of emails and comments.
our hearts are happy.

your living room rug is begging to be a dance floor tonight. c’mon. do it. and for some dancin’ tunes, may i suggest this one. or this one. or this one. or anything from this cd.

but just dance.

(oh, this one’s my very fave)

thank you, heidi, for snappin’ these pics.

xoxo. enjoying the your-butt-is-beggin’-you-to-shake-it things. ~k


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  1. We are MAJOR living room dancers in this house. Chris has been known to blast “fergilicious” as we watch the troops come running to dance. Dancing with our girls is one of the funnest things, and best memories I will ever have of them as kids.
    Once, Chris was at a daddy daughter dance, and he noticed his friend and his daughters were just standing there. And Chris said “why aren’t you dancing?” and his friend said “we don’t really know how” and Chris said, “you mean, you never just dance together in your living room?”
    He had never done that. I thought that was so sad! Everyone NEEDS to do that!

  2. the hair and the dress are AWESOME!

    smiling tonight :-)

    you are beautiful.

  3. oh, but i knew it was you, my sweet cuz. love you.

  4. Great Job Heidi at snappin’ the best shots of an oh so happy, true friend, person, mommy and real person… doing what women do…you put it into words perfectly Kelle doing what women do…love you and happy you are dancing because dancing makes the world go round and you make the world a better place:) xoxox

  5. woah…my work’s been published!!!! lol.

    i sent you my comment via text…i used a word that i ….ADORE. hope you enjoyed it as much i as i did!!! LMAO.

  6. OH MY GOODNESS…taza is in the third one up from here!!! lovely girl, i like her.

  7. i can feel the happiness, the love and the fun of your dance party with cute lainey. what a joyful post and a joyful you. yes!!!!!!! xoxo

  8. There was dancing in my kitchen this past weekend. We refrained from pictures 😉

    Keep looking upward.

  9. Mya-hee, Mya-ha-ha. Ahhh, yes, our song…the Ave Maria of the wedding reception wasted. That song could raise a corpse to the dance floor. Dance til dawn. Dance alone if you have to. Dance because you can. I remember a lady in our hospital once, dealing with a terminal diagnosis, who checked herself out of the hospital AMA (Against Medical Advice), just to go home and dance barefoot in the living room with her granddaughter. It was actually the best therapy medicine could have offered. Dance tonight for her–Sherry J– was her name. She dances in heaven tonight. We all know the steps. Mya-hee!

  10. dancing cures a lot of things. especially the crazy i don’t give a care kinda dancing in the living room.
    but can i take a raincheck … i already got the girly-girls in bed?? i’ll have to spark up a little dancing in the morning …
    glad to see smiles. and a happy little.

  11. Lainey is like one giant xanax pill! Mix that with dancing and you have a full on rave with a mosh pit and everything! I love you!

  12. i dance like my mother. lol, but i dance at home anyway cuz jonah doesn’t know that his mother doesn’t have any rhythm!

    i have an interesting suggestion for tonights dance off…jai ho from the slumdog millionaire soundtrack. i love bollywood music.

    “Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain” -unknown

  13. jai ho ROCKS MY WORLD!!!! good call.

  14. Grace and Ellie’s fav dance song is Fergie’s Glamorous. Their fav part in “and if you ain’t got no money take your broke ASS home!” I’m not winning mother-of-the-year anyway so I figure, what the heck, sometime ya just need to yell ass!

  15. You are so beautiful in so many ways. thank you for sharing your life with us. i hope to meet you in person one of these days soon! thank you, thank you, for sharing.

  16. Oh, uncle rik’s reference to NumaNuma!! Reminds me to tell you that Parker, Chloe, and Tessa will be playing it as part of their marching band routine this year. Our music program rocks!! I say all Crydermans get to dance in the football stands every halftime…or maybe they’ll let us on the 50 yard line. Love to see your joy…prayer answered!

  17. perfect mommy/daughter blog!

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