the terrible horrible no good very bad day

we read my old classroom copy of this before bed tonight.
because it was exactly that.

it started with a fever last night. some clinging. delirious babbling.
and moved on to a doctor appointment where, after a two-year no-antibiotic stretch, this entered our home thanks to a double ear infection:

but two hours after her first little dose, her body totally rashed out. so, after a little benadryl, we quit taking it and will figure it out tomorrow.

i’ve had a massive, massive headache all day.
and then, right when things were just terrible and horrible, they went to no good and very bad when binks tripped and fell with daddy outside. heard the scream from inside the kitchen…went running…and found a sad, scraped-up girl in daddy’s arms.

we bactine-ed it, swabbed it, wiped it, dried it, kissed it, and hello kitty band-aided it.

oh, my poor girl is sick. and boo-booed.

but even so…she still smiles behind her pacifier…

and i am dabbling in the beautiful art of babying a sickie. because it is an an art and my parents were profoundly proficient at it.

so, i put her to sleep in the sling tonight on a neighborhood walk…and as her long legs dangled out from the taut fabric held close to my chest and the sky slowly darkened, i thought to myself that this is not at all a terrible horrible no good very bad day. because being sick is part of the ebb and flow of our very good life. and, although draining, straining, and waning…it allows us those few and far between moments when we are forced to enjoy a full day of quiet and clinging…a warm body glued to my chest the entire night through…a head on my shoulder prolonged past the usual quick hug…and the sweet breathy whisper of a sweet, sick girl who needs extra love.

xoxo, my sweet little sickies. ~k/mama


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like someone is allergic to penicillin!

  2. I so hear this–as much as I hated Heidi’s sick sufferings, part of me loved being able to comfort and cuddle her extra long.

  3. oh poor little lainey….i know you are taking such good care of her. we are feeling it here in the manring household too….i’m afraid samantha might have her first cold. we go to the doctor tomorrow morning. oh the motherly instinct that goes wild when our babies are hurting. here’s to lots of get well snuggles. xo

  4. your blog is super cute… love the hair post! too funny. hope your precious girl is feeling better!

  5. Aw, poor Lainey :( Sorry she was sick! I used to get ear infections when I was little and they were a bummer. It’s good she has you to take care of her! By the by, is Brett wearing an MSU shirt? (I noticed the “block S”) :)

  6. Oh i hope she feels better soon. vitamin c might help : ) luckily she has a great mama that loves her so. oh and your hair looks so lovely. I just went brunette a month ago (couldn’t justify paying $150 either) and i’m quite happy!! Hello Kitty band-aids make everything all better.
    take care,

  7. Oh, the smile…the elfen, slightly held back, peeking through a pacifier smile that even reaches her eyes…if you could just distill that sweetness into liquid and put it in an eyedropper, the whole world would be better. I cannot wait until Thursday to stand in front of her and see the smile she always gives her Poppa. It is golden. She needs me. I am on my way. May today be good…no scrapes, no rashes, no momma headaches…just sunny love.

  8. Hope she’s feeling better today.

  9. She’s the happiest double ear infection little girl I’ve ever seen!!! The cutest too!!

  10. WOW, 2 years without antibiotics? That’s a huge accomplishment!!! Hang in there, LL. Momma will make it all better.

  11. Oops, finger twitch made that post twice, sorry. :)

  12. Awww, bless her heart!

    Kelle, as long as I know it’s not a life threatening issue, I kinda like it when my kids are sick…at least for a couple of days. They are so lovey, and I LOVE to baby them and just care for them. Plus they behave better!! (hee-hee)

    And Crisilee was the SAME way..her first antibiotic came when she was close to THREE years old! I was so proud! And hers was an ear infection too.

    Have fun with your sickie..she’s so lucky to have you and Brett and the boys!

  13. It is no fun to have sick babies…but at the same time it is so wonderful to have little ones that are trying to be so independant in life need you so much again! Snuggles are great, and the only time my 2 two year olds give them out are when they are really tired or when they are sick. Hope she gets better soon!

    BTW ~ What kind of a sling do you have? I had one that I just didn’t love an returned it and haven’t tried one since…would like to find one that is great!

  14. best wishes to Lainey . Pamper her a lot with all your loving and soon she overcomes it.

  15. oh little pea! But she still manages to shine. Oh boy, that girl has a heart. And her mama too. Much love from Montana.

  16. awww. poor lainey girl! i hate to see those little saddy eyes, but the cuddles are WONDERFUL, aren’t they?!!!

    blowing her lots of ‘get-well’ boosies!!!

  17. You know you have a good little girl when she is sick and she can still smile. I hope she is feeling better today.

  18. Pssst…the older they get, the more you’re gonna like when they get sick.

    ‘Cause they just need you so much.

    Just like always. :)

    I hope she feels better soon though.

  19. she might be sick but still an happy angel! Those eyelashes are Unreal! Her eyes speak so many languages.

  20. Again, the tears are streaming! Oh, to take care of a sick baby- there’s nothing harder yet more rewarding. Again, I say you are such a beautiful Mama!

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