the way he loves her

i love this man and how he loves her. very, very much.

i love how he calls her binks and she calls him gaga.

and i love waking up in the morning and finding her completely burrowed into the crook of his neck like two connected little souls. no, not like. they are two connected little souls.

any more attempt at words would cheapen the magic that is…them.
except that…oh how i love how they love each other. ~k


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  1. She so fits the crook of his arm and finds such solace there. But then, I think she fits her Poppa’s arms too…hmmm, maybe she is just “adjustable.” I love how he loves her too.

  2. Wow. That last picture is amazing.

  3. BABY….send that second one to Hallmark. It NEEDS to be a Father’s Day card…REAL BAD. I LOVE THEM TOO. I could just put all of you on a plate a sop you up with a biscuit.

  4. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet!

    I love the one of them hugginb in the first picture!

    Such a powerful love! I love how her blankie is in there too.

    Brett could cut glass with that headlight!

  5. there really are no words for that last photograph.

    what a couple of cuddlebugs!

  6. Anonymous says:

    So sweet!!! I love it!

  7. That last picture gives me chills. so sweet. And, I sure think Brett could be a good subject for Andy’s paintings when we meet in Chicago and our men have to get to know each other while playing with our girls. haha or, bwah ha ha. xo

  8. love the pics! there is something so special about daddy’s and their little girls.

    lol @ kelly’s last comment.

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