why hello there, chocolate fabulousness.

if necessity is the mother of ingenuity, then crap economy must certainly be the father of a little at-home-makeover-brilliance.

enter exhibit a:

if clairol had to creatively name the color, it would be something along the lines of burnt marshmallow. or maybe just fugly.

the great divide: where orange hair meets black roots.

and my wallet would like to keep the 120 dollars it would take to fix this mess, thank you.

but it ain’t over.
because i never turned away a little hair challenge. and about once a year, i feel this inner yearning to drastically change my poor little strands.

and today was just the day.

…all for $4.99, baby.

(look closely…color of the stars, it says. andie macdowell. you can’t go wrong with andie macdowell.)

gloved up…it’s official.

…set timer for 25 minutes allowing just enough time to do a quick mama/baby pedi…

…and then…

here it comes…

rich, chocolate i-so-love-it fabulousness.

bwah ha ha ha. not smiling for self portraitry is not easy. i would ruin fashion shows.

oh, if my hair was a beater, i would so lick it.

all for five dollars.

my head is happy.

…enjoying the transformations-are-so-much-fun things. ~k

f.y.i.: listening to this song while running = crazy endurance and speed. add it to your ipod.


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  1. I LOVE it! Believe I will also be #5 chocolate tomorrow.

  2. Looks awesome! :)

  3. Brit Girl says:

    Firstly, your new hair colour is divine! Secondly, it is Mother’s Day – or Mothering Sunday as us old-fashioned folk like to call it – here in the UK today. It’s my first one as a mother, and it has been a great day (although I feel I should be the one giving my girl a card and gift not the other way round as she has brought me so much joy in the past year)! So Happy Mother’s Day from the UK! Thirdly, I loved the pics in the previous post of Lainey and her Daddy. C is also besotted with her Daddy and I melt into a big pool of love when I watch them together. Have a great week!

  4. oops, that was Kulio, accidentally signed in as KEK!

  5. cell phone pic looked good, but this…this is DELICIOUS!

    love how your new ‘happy head’ (cracked up at that one) turns you into a chocolate brown bombshell…sassy. your workin’ it well!!! those self-portraits are divine…yummy…beautiful!

    might i add that you look stunning in your royal blue ruffles…load and loads of scrumptious deep blue ruffles! oh yeah…i need to add that we are now have the same color and brand of hair-LOL!

  6. oops…same brand…not color. i’m dark, not medium:)

    baby/mama pedi-sweet!

  7. Borrowing the words from your lyrics…”It’s Amazing…” And bargains never looked so beautiful. Every day, every time, every challenge gives birth to its own special miracles. This…is grand! Somewhere, a stylist weeps.

  8. love the new look….yahooo for brunettes!!!!!!!!! xo

  9. WOW! I love it! I so cannot wait to get mine done in two weeks; had to wait to get to MI. I also love the color of your shirt. What a hot momma you are.

  10. Beautiful hair! Thank goodness for box color. I agree with Rayna, hot mama with brunette air.

  11. Kelle……I love it you look so beautiful and like a sexy momma!

    Love it!
    Love it!
    Love it!

    You can so tell you are having fun with it!

  12. Oops, I didn’t post my name on my last comment. That was from Andrea. :) XOXOX

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted to go that dark, but never had the guts, but now I just might! You look amazing! :)


  14. LOVE the hair!! my favorite of your colors is when you go brunette.

    the first pic you totally remind me of your cousin Tracy.

  15. must interrupt comment banter to give brit girl a shout-out for spelling colour like it should. english spellings are so beautiful. u’s a great letter…why would take out a good u?
    and loving all these sweet comments. shakin’ my chocolate mane with a little more pride tonight. thank you, sweet little blog world. and if your comments were beaters…i would lick them too.

  16. drop

    You are.

    (but you have always been)

  17. Work it…..and…the peachy lip ROCKS. As do you…Your candle is aglow….. 😉

  18. That color looks like it was made for you! You look great!

  19. LOVE IT!!!!! You always make it look so good! You are an inspiration to so many! You ARE too sexy for your hair!!!!hahahaha!

  20. ooouuu love it! Good choice.
    Us Canadians love a good ‘u’ too… colour, harbour, etc. haha :)

  21. Gorgeous!! With all this talk about licking, take your extra $115 and go buy some chocolate!!

  22. gorgeous! well … you were a hot mama with the burnt marshmallow too … but now look at you!
    i just found a gray hair (totally blaming my husband)… so i’m off to find colo(u)r today. in a box. i was planning blondish again … but … hmmm.

  23. beautiful, you are.

  24. oh i meant the first pic of you with the chocolate hair reminded me tracy not your burnt marshmallow shot. lol

  25. Kelle,

    You look Fabulous! Welcome to brunette world!

  26. kelle.
    love it.
    so natural.
    i’m wondering…does brett like it?

  27. You look great! I like your “sad-face” in the first picture though, haha :)

  28. that color looks great!!! i think you could get away with any color, my friend!

  29. This is the color your hair was when you were younger, right? See God knew what he was doin’!! You are a beautiful person!!

  30. Oh my gosh, the good ol’ Beaumont Days when KC’s hair color would change. Miss you . . .

  31. LOVE IT love it LOVE IT!!! You rock any color but this is my fave.

  32. Absolutely brilliant! I love it :)

  33. I’m a bit late here but still catching up on your older posts. Just felt compelled to state how apro pos this post is as on that very day, March 22, 2009, that you transformed yourself into a brunette bombshell (you were made for that color!), I was transformed into a mama as that was the day I welcomed my own little, Alexandra Sivan. *heart*

  34. I love it. I am a new reader to your blog and LOVE your blog. You have inspired me. Anyway – I love your dark hair so much…I was specifically looking for when and why you switched. Smart choice! It’s gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing so much of your life! Oddly enough, I was at work today talking to a friend whose friend (following that one???) just had a baby diagnosed with Downs and I was telling her about your blog. Much to my surprise, she said her friend had just sent her the same link! So thanks for helping others!

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