another senior shoot last night.
these girls are so beautiful.

this is casey, shy but confident.
full academic and soccer scholarship to fiu next year.
her mama says she is calm and easy…nothing like the fiesty three-year-old she once was.

good to know. ha.

no, she’s not a cheerleader. she can just jump really high.

…and so our busy week continues. ~k


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  1. casey is beautiful!
    that last pic is so cool.
    jumping pic is amazing.
    you did it again!

  2. I love the last picture too.

    This song is perfect…because Kelle, YOU are amazing! If only I could have just alittle bit of the picture taking gift you do!

  3. Wonderful photos…and she looks as you describe her…coy and confident, gentle but genuine, restrained strength, reserved yet ready for anything. Great job!

  4. man, if only I looked that good in my senior pictures LOL! I must say these girls have a GREAT photographer to be working with…love the backgrounds and they just look like so much fun. When you get a chance Kelle give me a shout, sounds like you are swamped :) So whenever it works for you. C ya – Jill

  5. Go Kelle Hampton Photorgrapy! Pretty soon you will the THE photographer to take senior pics in Naples.

    Love how you’ve totally captured calm and easy and how none of your shoots are the same. So creative! Keep it comin’!

  6. i love the grass shot.
    by the way … i emailed you back with another question that i had emailed about and never heard a response back on awhile ago … (i don’t want to be nuisance … obviously you are a busy … and talented … lady!)
    but i think our emails are both going the spam route! just thought i’d leave this message in case! thanks!
    jen olson

  7. you are blogging like crazy lately!! And, word about your photo abilities must be spreading like wildfire!! Pretty soon ~ if not already ~ you’ll have more people interested then you’ll have time for! : ) The beach jump shot is my favorite!!

  8. The word is spreading about how great your pictures are. I do love the grass picture. The colors are amazing.

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