mama likey.

oh, hello joy.
hello beautiful girl.
hello hotel room full of scads of fun clothes.
and fabulous shoes. and vintage jewelry.
hello fun photo shoot times twenty billion.

and then, here’s the best part.
she let me put together…
every. single. outfit.
down to every last piece of jewelry.
every accessory.
i felt like rachel zoe.

fun like you cannot believe.
jackie…you rock, girl.
you are beautiful. and confident. and fun.
and so is your mama.

so, here you are, beauty queen…
a very, very big teaser…

oh, the shoes. for the love, for the love.

love this shot…

paying homage to her days as a swimmer….

senior shoots rock. my. world.

and speaking of worlds being earth-shattered…in the good way…
we have a busy week…the kind where i feel pressed and challenged, pushed and smooshed…until friday when, if all goes as planned…the rockstar emerges. because i will pull it off. i will finish all my editing. all my orders. i will knock the house into tip-top shape. i will run like the wind. i will catch up. clean up my e-mail box. (if i owe you a response, hang on…it’s comin’!) delete my voicemails. and, most importantly, in between all that…i will love this girl up.

i will close my eyes, kiss her cheeks and tell myself that it’s twenty years from now…and i’ve been granted my one wish…to come back to this moment and drink up this little tiny thing that’s grown so big over the years. ‘cuz she’s almost two, you know.

*shy smile* alert!

new trick. obsessed with dresses as of late, i’ve created the perfect little edge for her to give a little tug when she wants me to hold her. and she says ‘up.’ and it makes me want to wear a dress every single day for the rest of my life. and i think i shall.

oh…austyn made a bad call in the badminton game.

there shall be more deep ponderings from the heart of this mama before she turns two.

but, for now…all i have to say is…

mama likey.

no, mama love. mama love, baby.

…enjoying the two-beauties-in-one-post things. ~k

oh, wait!

giveaway winner!
sandals go to….
commenter #6!

wylie, e-mail me leah’s size and color preferences, and i’ll whip ’em up with love!
sorry you didn’t get the sandals, dad.


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  1. Weeping over the loss of sandals here. The music is perfect…two amazing young ladies, one in bud and one in blossom! Great photos, gorgeous faces! Aaaammmaaazzziinng! It was so much fun to enjoy that little girl last weekend…I am always amazed at her comfort with her poppa, her arms reaching up for me to hold her, her abandoned giggle with my silly antics that still somehow seem to thrill her. Enjoy every drip of this childhood joy!

  2. Poppa again says:

    First to post! Love that…I must broaden my life–to find such satisfaction in being the first to post a comment borders on pathetic…but I am savoring the joy here!

  3. The senior pictures are perfect. Getting ready to go to college with pictures of youth caught from you.

    I love Lainey’s hair now, she looks like a little princess.

  4. I love Lainey’s hair too! Boy she’s has got the expressions – so HER. Isn’t it amazing that she has her very own LOOK? I didn’t say that right. You know what I mean. A real human being.

    I love the gushing btw – gush, girl. I love over-the-top loving. How can you hold back? Why should we ever hold back?

    laughing at the badminton shot….my favorite.

  5. Wow. Fantastic senior shots! Were you in the water for the swimming homage shots? Don’t answer, I’m going to think that you were just to get the “perfect” angle.

    Oh Lainers, the shy smile is killer! The badminton shot – hilarious. LOVE LOVE the last shot of her.

  6. lucky wylie!!!

    these pictures are soooo amazing!
    you captured her so well. she is a beautiful, confident, and strong young woman and she looks like she is ready to conquer her part of the world in these photos. what an exciting time!

    kelle, your styling abibilites would make prada wearing miranda proud…!!!! it is inspiring to watch you work your magic…you have a gift!

  7. My favorite – the badminton shot! She looks seriously ticked! Loved them all, but that one is priceless.

  8. i love when a sweet little blog post can make my day … and this one did!

    thanks for the smile, kelle!

    i sent a link to your blog out to my family & friends so they could sneak a peek at our pictures and the comments i received back were just amazing, like …
    those pictures are beyond professional. i’ve never seen anything like it!

    (just tryin’ to send a smile your way & hopin’ it worked!)

  9. Just once . . . I would like a picture of me that looks like that – we could call it the new “senior” shoots. Do you airbrush?????

  10. Ah, April! It worked! Swelling heart. and head. Ha! Thank you! Your pics are soon to come…should finish tomorrow, and I know ya’ll are chompin’ at the bit! I would be too!

  11. i LOVE the picture of Lainey mad! It just shows her power! Breathtaking, as all your pictures are…..And I am chompin’ at the bit over here! Everyone cannot wait to see the rest…the sneak peek was such a tease. I posted them on facebook and I got great compliments on them from everyone…

    One said..,”Stunning, perfect, amazing….” I thought those were three words that really hit the nail on the head!

  12. Wow, Kell….My senior pic’s were of me wearing guess jeans (with the zippers on the ankels) and a oversized Gap sweater. Behind me a gigantic “91”. I want a redo for my 20 year reunion, gulp, which is coming very soon!

  13. awe look at you all busy as busy can be and still writing epic blog posting? geesh. fabulous photos. love love the badminton shot.


  14. love what you said…
    “it’s 20 years from now and i’ve been granted my one wish…”
    i am so going to remember that!

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