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  1. BEAUTIFUL baby girl!!!! kell, these pics are so angelic:)

  2. Holy moly, I can smell the newborn skin from here! She’s even smiling thinking about heaven!! DELISH!!!

  3. baby perfection, almost haunting she is so porcelain-doll pretty! Blessings, new parents, you have a gorgeous little girl!

  4. OMGosh heaven heaven. She is beautiful and oh my reminds me of my very own Skye Rose. The look alike in a kind of newborn way. and the name Addison rose that is what I wanted. And even though Skye Rose fits my angel Addison Rose is just beautiful and so is she.
    And Fleetwood MAC rocks my world seeing her is on my bucketlist!

  5. oh for pete’s sake she’s perfect! her little face is so sweet!

  6. I totally was thinking the same thing as Steph. I was like wow, she kind of reminds me of Skye…her complexion, and all that beautiful hair. She is a beautiful baby! And I love her name!

  7. If only we lived closer! The pictures I just took for my little girl’s bday were taken at high noon – so very dark/washed out! Someday tho, we will get our chance for photo fabulousness in Naples!

  8. I really think this couple should just quit their jobs and make gorgeous babies for the world to enjoy! Sweetness in smooth, soft skin. And you captured it so gently and exquisitely!

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