…we take baths every day.

sometimes when we first wake up and the morning sun trickles in through the blinds on the big window above the tub and streaks the water with light stripes.

sometimes in the afternoon. on a whim. when it’s thundering outside and the warmth of a sea of bubbles is comforting before a long nap.

and sometimes late at night, after a long day. and we sit and soak by candlelight. or rather i try to sit and soak while she splashes and slips around, clouds of suds magnetically clinging to her naked little bum.

i like water-logged pruney baby skin.
and i like when big drips of water magically suspend from the tips of her wet lashes.
i like the buttermilky smell of her baby soap and how she can wash her own hair and fearlessly dip her head under the faucet to rinse it out.
i like how she spreads her fingers like mr. spock when soap gets in between them and how she always says mama-ha-ga when she’s ready to get out. and how we have no idea what mama-ha-ga means.

baths are mini vacations.
…and we take them every day.

(and if you’re in the naples area, don’t forget to take a look at the mini session offer on the post below!)


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  1. these pics are so sweet, and those lashes make me want to get eyelash implants!!!

    mini session is such a great deal!!! i’m in for a surprise storyboard for the hubster!!!

    music is beautiful too!!!

  2. these shots are gorgeous! i love the innocence of bath pictures. what a great daily ritual…especially when it happens multiple times!

  3. I could take baths all the time too. The pictures are so sweet.

  4. Now I understand south Florida’s water shortage. “I’m sorry, sweetie, there’s no water for you…Kelle had to take another bath.” Your grandmother destroyed the ozone layer with her AquaNet, and now, you are depleting the water resources. Al Gore wants to talk to you.

  5. Hahaha, Uncle Rik!
    Also, Kelle, do you seriously take baths with your camera too, haha, I love it!

  6. LOL on Poppa’s comment! So true! I think we oughta invest in some green bags for the grocery store for ya!

    Ps, don’t let Brett see this post (ala camera in bathtub)

  7. such sweet pics!

    as for the water storage… you are simply reusing the rain water that you collected in a barrel with the previous days afternoon storm (water conservation) then heated on an open fire in the back yard to (so as to not use excess gas), right?


  8. love your bath time and love the pics of ms lainey. again…you are inspiration.

  9. So, the thumbnail to this post popped up on your linkwithin and I had to click, because I totally love babies in bathtubs! And I had to laugh because this only drew 8 comments and today it would probably get ya 800. You’ve come so far in a year. Just look at the number of lives you’ve touched. You’re awesome :) That’s all I had to say!

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