it was time.

…for a date with my girl.

because life’s been busy and, while that is in this case very good, i crave time with my girl when i am not haunted by the monstrous tasks that lie in front of me and i can instead just smoosh her all i want. and skip. and eat ice cream. and get sticky. and go to the park. and get woodchips stuck in my sandals. and other fun-ish stuff like that.

and so, as all good wednesdays go, i pondered my day while sudsing my hair…and nursing my poor blisters from the uncomfortable ankle straps i wore last night. and it was then i declared today was a date day.

and so it was…

with our day starting a little something just like this:

and then all this in-between-ish stuff like….

breakfast ouside on fifth avenue.
where i sipped coffee and devoured the best greek omelete in the history of mankind, she pecked at a bowl of hearty oatmeal, and we both watched as a huddle of cute pipe-smoking older men talked about their grandkids and their golf swings.

we hurdled over climby things in the park and dangled our feet from big-girl swings.

we ambled down fifth, stopping at any passing pups, park benches and then straight into kilwin’s for a single dip with sprinkles.

we came home to play doctor…

and killed the heat with the hose…

and so it was…

with our day ending a little something just like this….

she slept on my chest, on the couch in the middle of a mess of a living room.

i accomplished absolutely positively nothing today.
and i wouldn’t have it any other way.


p.s. fully aware the hair is a bit cleopatra. trying a new natural dye much more gentle on the hair, and let’s just say medium brown interprets equivacolly across brand names. 26 more washes and in the meantime, i’m gunna rock it out.


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  1. Brit Girl says:

    That looks like one perfect, fun-packed day to me. I love the shots of Dr Lainey in her white coat!

  2. I love the dark hair! It makes your eyes pop. Hope you are doing well!

  3. ypu are an amazing mommy! good for you at leaving everything and enjoying the small things! Keep rockin it out!!!!!

  4. congrats on letting it all go and just enjoying … b/c life is just too dang short!

    maybe tomorrow will be my day to just e n j o y. it has been a crazy hectic week, being a court reporter a little more than i like. i’m ready to slow it down just a bit and stay in my jammies just a little bit longer!

  5. rock it cleo. The pic of Lainey in the dr suit hunched over her tiny frame? ha! What a great day. I love that you had this day after your craziness.

    Margot hasn’t had ice cream and every time I see your girl with her sprinkly cone I think I really need to get on that. I hope bug’ll wear shades when she eats it too….almost warm enough here to begin thinking about ice cream. Almost. That omelet photo could be in a food and wine mag.

    Thanks for new wonderful stuff for me to feast on before slumber. xo!

  6. Looks like you guys had an absolutely wonderful day. I so envy you that you are able to drop everything and just be. April hassles me all the time for NOT being able to do that. I’m working on it.

  7. oh looks like a heavenly day! do i spot a sippy cup?! has little miss given up the baba?

    now i want oatmeal.

    does your heart catch a little bit seeing her in a big kid swing? jonah likes the big kid swing too. love that she keeps on her shades! if flights get cheap enough this summer me and the boy are so coming down. our two, “2’s” need to play.

    you could make yourself super pale and wear lots of black…ya know, rock your inner goth. 😉

  8. OMG. Can´t believe how big Lainey is getting, and how dark your hair is, This si ridic. We need to see achother more often. No more excuses. Me love you guys!

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