this & that

thinking about this today…

and all the fun things we will do. fresh sqeezed lemonade…that’s first on the agenda. the really cold kind that’s a little bit slushy…with bits of lemon rind in it too.

in the meantime…
some pictures of sweet little kristin today.
she’s turning one soon, and i’ve had the pleasure of photographing her four times now.

…good stuff to come. ~k


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  1. WOW…what a lil cutie she is! Those eyes…WOW WOW! :)

  2. second from the bottom…GEORGEOUS!!!!! beautiful.
    great job!!

  3. Those eyes, those eyes…what a precious face captured! I must never confess how many times I stop by your blog…read, look, reflect, remember, imagine…It is a good place from which to look at life. Lovin’ u.

  4. You can always get those eye pictures. Beautiful colors.

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