today i liked…

…the summerishness of giving the dog a bath outside. and seeing that it didn’t take long before lainey realized all it took was a pointed finger and something that sounded a teeny bit like “stay!” to keep latte in her ‘tub’.

(and, while we generally pride ourselves on having the appropriate dog shampoo, we were out and had to revert to non-peta-approved dish detergent.)

which perhaps might be the reason she ditched.

…and today i very much liked capturing the second she abandons all the fun we’re having outside for a better offer…daddy’s car rolling in from work.

you see, this face…this smile and beaming eyes? it happens every day. it’s just today, i *clicked* it right when it happened.

…and that makes me happy.

…and so did swimming in the dark tonight, under this little sliver of a moon and far-off clouds that electrifyingly flickered now and then from a distant thunderstorm. and smiling listening to squeals from our little getting a swimming lesson from her daddy.

summer is here.

wishing you orange popsicle stains on your driveway…just like ours.

oh, why not make this fun?
how’s about a give-away?

summer loves.
come on.
tell me.
from sweet childhood summer memories of climbing trees to reading-a-book-in-a-hammock plans for this summer.

give me five loves of summer…past (hello…otter pops and my old purple jelly shoes), present or future…and i’ll pick two and send you a mini pack of custom-designed (by moi’) printed linen summer stationery. you’ll likey.

i’ll start…
summer loves:

1. her runnin’ around in nothin’ but a diaper.
2. night swims
3. having to move a pile of bikes from behind my car every time i go somewhere. okay, i curse. but secretly, i love the fact that the neighborhood kids choose our house to hang out.
4. sprinklers. i love sprinklers.
5. the summer perfume of cut grass and barbecue smoke, chlorinated pools and hot cement. and baby skin that smells like outside play at the end of the day. yeah, i love that too.

(and a very worthy honorable mention going out to summer corn-on-the-cob, seedless watermelon, memories of hanging clothes out to dry at my grandma’s, and the apache cabin i spent four summers in at camp catch-a-rainbow).

it’s late…time for bed…and it’s thundering peacefully…another evening summer serenade. sigh.

…enjoying the summer things. ~k


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  1. yay giveaway! Picking five is hard. First to pop in my head:

    1. Parties with girlfriends outside in the chilly mountain air and chat and hug and sip wine (or bubbly water with a few sips of delicious wine). I just got home from one such event and can’t wait for more.

    2. Harvesting food from my backyard.

    3. Swimming in take-you-breath-away mountain lakes after a long hike.

    4. Star gazing in the woods. We have a big sky out here.

    5. Montana summer perfume: dirt and funky river feet, apple blossoms and forest fires. And baby skin that smells like outside play at the end of the day. Yeah, we have that too.

    Love her little toes with the itty flecks of polish.

  2. my five summer favorites?
    1. picnic blanket dinners, pulling food from the garden as needed.
    2. throwing the girly-girls in the kiddie pool after dinner, instead of the tub.
    3. farmer’s markets
    4. watching the neighbors come out of hibernation and having unplanned bonfire parties pop up.
    5. skirts and sandals.

  3. Here it goes:

    1- sleeping late
    2- barbecues and log chats
    3- icecream parties
    4- traveling on cruisers
    5- water skiing and sailling

  4. Oh summer…. it’s so short here (we had snow the other day). We have been taught to savour each day of summer…. which we do well.

    1. Bonfires with family.
    2. Warm hikes along the coast.
    3. Weddings.
    4. Water skiing… oh yes…
    5. Meals eaten outside.

  5. 1. The smell of sunscreen, sand, and sweat in their hair, just before they splash into the tub after dinner.

    2. Gently patting baby powder on their tummies just before bed, “because it helps keep you cool and fresh”.

    3. Curling up with my sweet baby girls for an afternoon nap between crisp white sheets, as the breeze lazily shifts the curtains

    4. Being amazed night after night at how unbelievably dirty two little girls can get in summer. Amazed and delighted – it means they’ve had big fun!

    5. Sipping a glass of chilled rosé and watching them dash through the sprinkler, laughing as hard as only children can laugh

  6. her running to daddy and those feet…omgoodness. so sweet.

    new header rocks!

    summer lovin’s

    1. planning our annual trip to michigan every year!

    2. drippy watermelon faces from watermelon eaten in big chunks…outside!

    3. humming of the lawnmower and the smell of freshly cut grass and water from the hose…reminds me of my dad sooo much!

    4. tomato sandwiches on toasted bread with a tad of real butter and a sprinkle garlic-salt. kicker is the tomatoes have to be from my mom’s garden!!!

    5. BBQ’s every weekend with family and friends…food from the grill, cold beer with lime, kids running around like crazy!!!!!!!!

  7. Love from your post…Lainey pointing her finger at the dog in the tub!

    My summer loves:

    1) I don’t have to work in the summer-YIPPEE!

    2)The sun setting later and later…and later.

    3) Joint birthday bashes with my sister. I’m July 25th, she’s July 24th.

    4) Staying up late as a kid to watch Mr. Ed on Nick at Nite.

    5) Catching lightning bugs at dusk with every kid in the neighborhood.

  8. Loved the shot of her pointing her finger at the puppy, btw…don’t mess with that baby!

  9. 1)evening summer baseball and softball games
    2)eating sunflower seeds endlessly
    3)watching my kids swim
    4)a cold beer when it’s so so hot outside
    5)tending to my flower bed and watching the beauty of it all

  10. Adrienne says:

    So many things to love about summer…here are a few of my faves

    1. The smell of coconut oil
    2. My anniversary (june 26th) This year esp. because we are celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss
    3. Sundays at the beach w/ my family as a kid and biting into a sandy/gritty peanut butter and jelly sandwich (and now doing this w/ my own)
    4. BBQ’s and all that they include, good friends and good food
    5. Heat lightning and the beautiful show it creates nightly!

  11. 5 Summer Favs…
    1. Sunscreen smellin babies
    2. The smell of pine trees
    3. Smell of bonfires from the near-by campground
    4. Walks under the stars holding hands, pushing the stroller
    5. Going bare foot!

  12. love the new header you made on your blog….also love love love lists of favorites…

    1. spending every summer on the jersey shore, taking outside showers, catching lightning bugs, long days on the beach and cool evenings on the boardwalk
    2. bright colored tank tops and flip flops, every day
    3. lots of celebrations…birthdays and weddings
    4. picking blueberries and strawberries as a kid
    5. the smell of bbqs in our neighborhood

  13. Brit Girl says:

    Love Lainey’s expression when she spies her Daddy arriving home!

    And my summer loves:
    1)The unpredictability of a British summer – not knowing from one day to the next whether it’s going to rain or be sunny. And everyone being deliriously happy when we have an unbroken spell of sunny days.
    2)Picnics on the common a stone’s throw from our house. The kind where you check your watch and when you check it again four hours have passed and you didn’t even notice as you were having such a good time.
    3)Bundling C into her back carrier and taking an impromptu evening stroll around the block to talk over the minutiae of the day with my husband.
    4)Chaotic family picnics from my childhood – lots of laughter and cheese and cucumber sandwiches.
    5)The way that the summer just makes you feel happier and as though anything is possible.

  14. My summer loves:
    1. being able to go home to NC to see my family
    2. not having a schedule
    3. the smile on Baylee’s face when mommy gets to get her up in the morning with my little one like I use to do with my mom
    5. picking fresh fruit and vegetables from Dad’s garden. Use to hate it when I was growing up, but there is nothing betting than home grown food that my dad and mom has put so much time in. To see the pride on my dad’s face says it all.

  15. my favorite thing about summer is boating …
    1. anchoring, floating & swimming
    2. eating watermelon & twizzlers on the back of the boat
    3. skiing, wakeboarding & tubing
    4. sunset cruises
    5. ella’s swimsuit wedgie. oh how i love those cheeks!

  16. 1. Open windows and the sweet fresh air to refresh your sleep.
    2. Summer storms with just enough thunder and lightning.
    3. Reunions…the ones that are formal and the ones that just happen spontaneously because it is summer.
    4. The fourth of July in Florida–lying on the beach as fireworks illumine the sky.
    5. Iced tea, naturally brewed, with a big fat wedge of lemon.

  17. Roberta says:

    These are my childhood summer memories:
    1. Strapping on roller skates and remembering to put the “key” on an old shoelace around my neck.
    2. Being told I could stay out until the “streetlights” came on.
    3. Hearing sounds of a “transistor radio” coming from someone’s front porch in the evening playing the Tiger game.
    4. Meeting my friends at the “penny candy” store when it was really a penny!
    5. Getting to sleep out on the back porch with my sisters when it was really hot and feeling perfectly safe doing it.

    Wow – I’m old!

  18. Oh summer is so wonderful…

    -picking cherry tomatos from my Grandma’s garden

    -the smell of walking thru my Grandparents orchard in Utah

    -bbq mahi mahi tacos

    -yhe smell of the swimming pool as i walk ny it and it’s filled with kiddies

    -big stick popsicles

  19. i LOVE the one of her pointing to latte in the tub. i’ve never heard her talk, but after reading your stories for two years, i felt like i could hear her scolding her.
    summer loves… the “christmas” lights i had strung all around my back deck while sipping “Jitters” coffee after the babes are sleeping.
    2.long walks around town catching up with winterly-hidden neighbors.
    3.endless cookouts with famly and friends
    4.NO SOCKS!!!
    5.babies running around in very little (or nothing at all) slathered in lotion and grinning uncontrollably!

  20. A 35 year olds favorite childhood summer memories…

    1) seeing the sky light up and then running, laughing, screaming and trying to catch as many of those fireflies as I could!

    2) coming in from a hot day of playing outside and pulling my shirt up and laying right down on the air conditioner vent…I thought that was Heaven!

    3) sandwiches and BBQ corn chips and Young and the Restless every day with my Mama

    4) watching Mema cut the watermelon in half and then, standing at the counter, taking our spoons and only eating the “heart” of it…the best part!

    5)going to the good seafood restuarant on family vacations, and looking forward to the day I’d be grown up enough to order the pretty, fruity drink with the umbrella in it!

  21. Hey, I know Roberta and she made that up…her childhood summer memories include:

    1) Helping her father build Stonehenge.
    2) Chariot races in the Colliseum.
    3) Helping the ladies of the village sew the shell of the Hindenberg.
    4) Cavassing the neighborhood for the Eisenhower election.
    5. Training for the 1928 Olympics in the Naked Bobsled competition.

    Ha…Love you, Roberta…we’re both the “Wise Elders” on this blog!

  22. Love all of these…My faves of my summer youth…
    1.Hearing my Grammy calling my sister and I in for dinner always something new even on a budget
    2.Playing hide n seek outside and not thinking twice about safety…it was back then!!!
    3.The smell of coconut sunscreen and grass the soft cushy kind dont get me wrong I love FL. but c’mon the grass not so great! And today…
    4. Watching my 3 boys play and swim together with their daddy!
    5. The boys laughing together, all time favorite in any season.

  23. 1. Campfires…that smell…summer!
    2. Bike rides…as a kid I remember meeting my friend halfway to each others homes, almost every day.
    3. SPRINKLERS!! Now AND as a kid!
    4. The fact that it’s almost 9 p.m and still light out, and kids are still running around outside.
    5. Our whole family sleeping in the basement, because even with air, the house is STILL too hot. But the basement? Ahhh, sweet relief.

  24. Rik, we are indeed the “elders”. They probably don’t even know what a “transitor radio” is . . . but isn’t this fun?????

  25. Ooooh, I love these lists! It is hard to narrow it down to five, but here goes:

    1. Outdoor games like bocce, disc golf, rollerblading, biking, etc.
    2. School’s Out! (insert ACDC quote here)
    3. Doing projects on the house – this summer it’s the kitchen and possibly Jon’s office if we get to it
    4. Hanging out with friends and family
    5. Having time to read stuff for fun!

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